Final Green Plan rollout session set

ELLSWORTH — Following on its release of the Green Plan for the city of Ellsworth last month, Green Ellsworth has been hosting a series of six virtual rollout presentations in order to garner public input on the plan. The last of those presentations will take place on March 11 at 7 p.m. with a Zoom session focused on two sections of the infrastructure chapter of the plan: energy and solid waste management.

The overall objective behind the two components of the plan is to mitigate the current impact of energy consumption and solid waste management on the health of the planet and human well-being. The plan is focused on reducing the use of fossil fuels through more sustainable approaches to energy resources; improving private and city energy efficiency; weatherization and energy audit programs; and public and private alternative energy sources such as solar power. The session will also address the reduction of plastics and excessive packaging in the waste stream, roadside clean-up and local, organic approaches to waste management such as composting.

The plan is based on substantial citizen input on factors respondents considered to be critical to the city’s long-term sustainability. Public input was gathered from nearly two dozen public forums, written submissions, surveys and interviews since 2017, and was researched and compiled into the current plan by nearly 100 individuals across 14 committees and with the support of nine nonprofit organizations. Green Ellsworth is inviting citizen input on the plan through the end of March prior to finalizing the plan and moving on to implementation in April. The consultation draft, a registration link for this presentation and links for providing input on the draft are available at  

For more information, contact Mary Blackstone at [email protected]

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