Ellsworth Police: Smoking leads to strange situations

ELLSWORTH — Doctors will tell you smoking is not healthy for you, but recent police reports suggest it also can lead to some strange situations.

Shortly after 5 p.m. on Nov. 17, police received a complaint from a Red Bridge Road resident that a man came into his residence while his two roommates were home, said who he was and then said “he could rob them at anytime and he was looking for weed.”

After investigation and speaking with several parties, police determined the man was “looking to purchase marijuana but had the wrong house.”

The complainant and his roommates said they did not wish to pursue charges.

Later on the 17th, around 10:50 p.m., a woman on the Bucksport Road said a man “confronted her daughter” while she was “outside having a cigarette.”

The man reportedly asked the smoker what she was doing outside and then “got into the white Honda Civic” in the driveway and took off. The man was described as tall and skinny, but “no other description was available because it was dark.”

Police checked the perimeter of the house “and didn’t find anything alarming,” and didn’t find anyone on nearby streets, either.

Driving drunk, or not

Police said a local man was driving drunk when he caused a two-car crash on Route 1 on the evening of Nov. 15.

Police said Jay N. Boyce, 25, of Stonington was traveling north in his 2003 GMC pickup truck on Route 1 in the right lane when he “swerved over to the left lane” and struck a 2007 GMC pickup truck driven by 56-year-old Donald E. Young of Surry.

Neither man was hurt, but police said both vehicles were damaged in the crash.

Police said Boyce “attempted to flee the area” but was stopped by Sgt. Shawn Willey. A breath test was administered to Boyce, and it allegedly showed his blood-alcohol content was 0.15, almost twice the legal limit of 0.08.

Boyce was arrested on a charge of operating under the influence and taken to the Hancock County Jail.

Less than 24 hours later, in the early morning hours of Nov. 16, police received a complaint about a vehicle driving “all over the road” and that it “almost hit a telephone pole.”

The complainant, who was following the vehicle, said it was unclear if the driver was falling asleep or if something else was going on.

Police caught up with the vehicle and followed it for awhile and did not detect any issues. An officer pulled the vehicle over and though there was “no odor of alcohol” there was a smell of marijuana.

A field sobriety test was given, but the officer was “unable to complete the test due to the rain.” The officer followed the vehicle to the Hancock town line after the traffic stop and again detected no issues with operation.

Not lovin’ it

On Nov. 15, a woman reported she was “verbally assaulted” by another woman in the parking lot of McDonald’s.

The complainant said she left a bottle in the parking lot “for someone to collect it,” and threw her trash away. The other woman, however, was apparently upset by what she saw as littering and came over and “pounded on the window” of the complainant’s vehicle.

The woman making the complaint said that upset her and her child, as well as her mother, who choked on her fish sandwich, “which she then vomited up.”

Police looked for the vehicle driven by the other woman but failed to find it.

Strained situation

On Nov. 16 an individual reported that a former employer illegally obtained the former employee’s Social Security number. That complaint was deemed to be unfounded, but both parties “were advised it may be better not to have any contact with each other” in the future.

Island crime investigated

On behalf of the Bar Harbor Police Department, Detective Dotty Small conducted an interview with a 14-year-old girl on Nov. 17. The girl “disclosed unlawful sexual touching,” which will be investigated further by Bar Harbor police.

Suspicious Snapchat activity

On Nov. 20, police received a report of a “suspicious person” making contact with another individual via Snapchat.

“It appears the offender has been stalking the complainant,” police said, adding that the matter was under investigation.

Thefts and other losses

On Nov. 15, police received a report of a theft of $86 at a local business.

Shannon Cloak, 33, of Trenton was summoned on a charge of theft on Nov. 17 after she allegedly stole merchandise from Walmart.

On Nov. 19, police received a report that a tire and rim were stolen on Water Street “sometime in the past two months.”

Also on Nov. 19, a citizen came in and made an unrelated complaint that “his vehicle was stolen back in September.”

On the overnight of Nov. 20-Nov. 21, a clerk at the Circle K store on High Street “reported the theft of a bag of Starburst gummies valued at $1.99.”

Traffic violation

On Nov. 17, police received a complaint of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus on Main Street. The operator was located, police said, and “due to extenuating circumstances, he was issued a warning for the violation.”

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