Ellsworth Police Log Week of Oct. 14

ELLSWORTH — A “bloody” machete found lying on top of a dumpster and splashes of what looked like blood on the pavement brought police to The Ellsworth American parking lot the morning of Oct. 11.

The responding officer found a bottle of fake blood inside the dumpster and determined the incident was a prank, despite the machete being genuine. The machete was left for staff to dispose of.


A local resident reported online harassment to police on Oct. 7. Officers warned one person for harassment.

Police received a report from a local resident of harassment by an ex-partner on Oct. 7. Officers spoke to both people involved. Neither wanted police to issue a harassment warning.

Mental health issues

Police on Oct. 7 helped a local person experiencing a mental health crisis. The person was taken to a family member’s home for support.

Well-being check

Police responding to an Oct. 8 report of a woman lying on the grass and unresponsive found the woman and learned she was waiting for her sister.

Youth issues

Officers at Knowlton Park on Oct. 5 advised a group of teenagers acting rowdy “to conduct themselves in a better manner if they wanted to keep coming to the park.” The teenagers agreed to do so.


Police are investigating an Oct. 8 report of vandalism at the Knowlton Park pavilion.

Police received a report of graffiti left on a Patten Pond Campground basketball court on Oct. 10.

Protection order

Officers spoke with a person regarding a possible protection order violation on Oct. 7, but the incidents were not at the level of a violation.

Drone footage

Police on Oct. 7 received a report of a drone seen on security footage at night on Patten Way.

Youth protest

An officer stood by while some Ellsworth High School students held a civil protest on Oct. 4. Police reported no issues.

Suspicious activity

A local woman called police to report suspicious people at her residence when she arrived home on Oct. 6. Police noted nothing further.

Officers were called to Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital for a report of a suspicious man wandering around the parking lot on Oct. 7. The man was gone when they arrived.

Police responded to a local business Oct. 5 over a suspicious vehicle, but all appeared normal.

A woman called police Oct. 8 to say someone looked at her in an odd way in Walmart earlier in the day.

Police received a complaint about a man in a pickup camper in a vacant lot on Oct. 9. Officers asked the man to move along.

Road rage

Officers spoke with someone who was the subject of a road rage incident on Oct. 6, but the person did not want police to take any action.

Agency assists

Police assisted another agency in trying to find a person in Ellsworth on Oct. 7.

Officers stood by Oct. 7 with a patient who the state police were going to arrest until the patient was released.

Officers assisted a local police department with a person brought into the Hancock County Jail on Oct. 8.

Officers were on the lookout for a vehicle involved in a road rage incident, at the request of state police, on Oct. 11.

Trespassing and disorderly

Officers were called to a local business on Oct. 6 to warn a person to leave the premises. The person had left before police arrived.

Officers warned a man for threatening a local business on Oct. 6.

Police responded to an Oct. 9 report that homeless people living in the woods behind some residences were yelling and swearing. After investigation, two adults were warned for disorderly conduct.

Police were called to a disorderly conduct incident on Main Street on Oct. 8. Officers found the people involved calm and leaving in separate vehicles.


Police are investigating the theft of a black 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 that occurred between Oct. 5 and Oct. 8.

Arrests and summonses

Markus Bilodeau, 22, of Monmouth was arrested on a charge of violation of conditions of release on Oct. 4.

Valerie Curtis, 52, a transient, was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct on Oct. 9.

Christopher Maxwell, 25, of Bar Harbor was summoned on a charge of trespassing Oct. 4 after officers responded twice to a local residence concerning an intoxicated person who was asked to leave.

Maya McCabe, 21, of Bangor was arrested on a charge of operating a vehicle with a suspended license on Oct. 10.

Bradley Mills, 32, no town listed, was arrested on charges of criminal threatening Class D and reckless conduct Class D, following an incident involving an airsoft gun on Oct. 6.

Richard Ramp, 21, of Ellsworth was summoned on a charge of theft of services after allegedly fleeing without paying a taxi fare on Oct. 4.

Richard Ryan, 24, of Franklin was arrested on a warrant on Oct. 10 charging failure to appear in court.

Joseph Verzosa, 54, of South Portland was arrested on a charge of operating a vehicle under the influence of intoxicants on Oct. 4.


A local woman reportedly fell asleep while driving on Bangor Road on Oct. 4. Police said Teresa Easterbrooks, 24, of Ellsworth hit a mailbox on Taylor Way but was not injured when her Nissan sedan veered off the righthand side of the road. Her Nissan was towed from the scene.

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