Ellsworth police crack down on speeders; dozens are cited

ELLSWORTH — Police have issued more than 80 speeding tickets around the city in recent weeks, most of them on the heavily (and speedily) traveled stretch of Route 1A between the Dedham town line and the urban core.

Half of the 86 tickets were issued in one day alone (June 30) on the Bangor Road. Another 44 tickets were issued that same day on the same stretch of road by Maine State Police and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, both working in collaboration with the local police.

The Ellsworth Police Department reported that all the motorists stopped were going at least 70 miles per hour (the speed limit there is 55 mph). The highest speed recorded was 85 mph, police said.

Ellsworth officers issued the following tickets in the 55-mph zone on the Bangor Road June 30:

Jacques G. Gaudreau, no age given, of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec (64 mph)

Osher Perry, 36, of Newton, Mass. (64 mph)

Merl W. Baker, 63, of Old Greenwich, Conn. (64 mph)

Marina Gray, 22, of Bar Harbor (64 mph)

Kyle D. Anderson, 29, of Baltimore (64 mph)

Bradley W. Walls, 41, of Mount Desert (64 mph)

Ernest E. Crocker, 58, of Hancock (64 mph)

Michael Bradford, 35, of Lamoine (64 mph)

Cuong S. Lau, 53, of Vancouver, Wash. (64 mph)

Nelly Gitlin, 53, of Braintree, Mass. (64 mph)

Benjamin M. Ketchen, 37, of Roxbury, Mass. (64 mph)

Parvez M. Bhuiyan, 40, of Franklin, Mass. (69 mph)

Mary Daly, 58, of New Haven, Conn. (69 mph)

Nathan S. Adams, 26, of Bangor (69 mph)

William A. Mastropietro, 21, of Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. (69 mph)

Mark D. Kelley, 52, of Merrimac, Mass. (69 mph)

Benjamin Neilson, 55, of Pasadena, Calif. (69 mph)

Raymond N. Giger, 51, of Bar Harbor (69 mph)

Dennis J. Kubach, 63, of Bensalem, Pa. (69 mph)

Peter C. Steimle, 52, of Auburn, N.Y. (69 mph)

Jeremy J. Schneider, 42, of Brewer (69 mph)

Daniel J. Csernica, 32, of Mendham, N.J. (69 mph)

Ann E. Hall, 78, of Blue Hill (69 mph)

Kimberly A. Alley, 59, of Carmel (64 mph)

Paul E. Stanzler, 67, of Boston (64 mph)

Haiyan Liu, 50, of Lexington, Mass. (64 mph)

Arthur J. Berry, 40, of Pittsburgh (64 mph)

Daniel C. Langlais, 63, of Ellsworth (64 mph)

Billie-Jo Seavey, 42, of Ellsworth (64 mph)

Jonathan J. Bertolino, 47, of Ridgefield, Conn. (64 mph)

Ralph E. Colson, 74, of Ellsworth (71 mph)

Manoj Kumar, 41, of East Windsor, N.J. (64 mph)

Tara M. Williams, 33, of Grand Lake Stream (64 mph)

Morgan L. Card, 21, of Ellsworth (69 mph)

Roland Vertefeville, 73, of Jonesport (69 mph)

Evan Monte, 24, of Eddington (69 mph)

Matthew Pavich, 42, of Evanston, Ill. (69 mph)

Ryan J. Perry, 40, of Asheville, N.C. (69 mph)

Desiree Fuhrmann-Lavallee, 23, of Brewer (69 mph)

Anthony Couture, 19, of Harrington (69 mph)

Samuel V. Leahy, 30, of East Machias (64 mph)

Lisa M. Roeber, 37, of Harrington (69 mph)

Connie Wallace, 46, of Lamoine (64 mph).

Three more tickets were issued on the Bangor Road on July 4, again all in the 55-mph zone:

Michel Tareyl, 51, of Lake Park, Fla. (82 mph)

Karlyn Demeritt, 24, of Howland (84 mph). Demeritt also was ticketed for failing to provide proof of insurance.

Debra E. Freckleton, 48, of East Medford, Mass. (84 mph).

Police also were busy in the 30-mph zone on Main Street, where 11 drivers were ticketed on July 7:

Jason L. Huntley, 30, of Machiasport (39 mph)

Maria L. Hlastawa, 39, of Somersworth, N.H. (39 mph)

Brittany L. Forrester, 24, of Blue Hill (39 mph)

Dianna K. Emory, 67, of Salisbury Cove (39 mph)

Florence A. Scott, 77, of Rotonda, Fla. (39 mph)

Deborah A. Grant, 58, of Stockton Springs (39 mph)

Diane E. Wilbur, 53, of Hancock (39 mph)

Edith M. Forst, 58, of Hancock (39 mph)

Jeannette M. Rozewicz, 83, of Birch Harbor (39 mph)

Ryan J. Lee, 25, of Ellsworth (39 mph)

Joshua D. Allen, 23, of Sedgwick (39 mph).

Six drivers were ticketed in the same stretch of road three days earlier:

Tyler Murphy, 27, of Cambridge, Mass. (52 mph)

Daniel Harriman, 39, of Augusta (39 mph)

Kristie L. Bloss, 27, of Orland (39 mph)

Sonja J. Sundaram, 48, of Prospect Harbor (39 mph)

Samuel J. Lunz, 23, of Ellsworth (39 mph)

Aaron E. Thomas, 27, of Alexandria, Va. (39 mph).

Two other drivers were ticketed on Main Street earlier:

Sonal Desai, 40, of Newington, Conn., 40 mph in a 25-mph zone on June 21.

Rebecca S. Levesque, 34, of Cherryfield, 39 mph in 30-mph on June 28.

Five drivers were ticketed in a 40-mph zone on the Bayside Road in recent weeks:

Norman E. Bubb, 47, of Mount Desert (63 mph, June 28)

Mark D. Kaplan, 70, of Ellsworth (54 mph, July 2)

Lawrence J. Boboth, 66, of White Oak, Pa. (54 mph, July 4)

Brock R. Ray, 21, of Trenton (64 mph, July 4)

Juan S. Rave, 38, of Bangor (54 mph, July 11).

Four drivers were ticketed on Route 180 recently in a 45-mph zone:

Anne A. Foster, 30, of Deer Isle (64 mph, June 22)

Debra E. Dane, 64, of Mariaville, 54 mph in a 45-mph zone on Mariaville Road June 30.

Joseph A. Caron, 60, of Brewer (54 mph, July 9)

Robert F. Kane, 45, of Surry (54 mph, July 9).

Three drivers were ticketed in a 40-mph zone on the Gary Moore Road:

Arrabine J. Dunn, 20, of Sumner (49 mph, July 4)

Justin K. Lipkvich, 22, of Mariaville (64 mph, July 5)

Jason J. Tilton, 38, of Oxford (59 mph, July 6).

Three drivers were ticketed in a 55-mph zone on the Bucksport Road recently:

Bradly A. Smith, 17, of Ellsworth (64 mph, July 2)

Jose Daniel Garcia, 21, of West Palm Beach, Fla. (70 mph, July 6)

Deanna Yocom, 37, of Orland (64 mph, July 8).

Police issued a half-dozen other speeding tickets around the city so far this month:

Richard A. Young, 45, of Ellsworth, 44 mph in a 35-mph zone on the Happytown Road July 2.

Karan Bolani, 26, of Vadodara, India, 44 mph in a 30-mph zone on Oak Street July 4.

Ryan P. Devereaux, 30, of Rockland, 49 mph in a 30-mph zone on State Street July 5.

Robert C. Snow, 45, of Ellsworth, 49 mph in a 35-mph zone on the Red Bridge Road July 6.

Robert J. Wardwell, 39, of Orland, 34 mph in a 25-mph zone on North Street July 9.

Taylor B. Carette, 19, of Rochester, N.H., 35 mph in a 25-mph zone on North Street July 9.

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Steve Fuller

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