Ellsworth Green Plan hosting panel discussion Oct. 16

ELLSWORTH — On Tuesday, Oct. 16, the Ellsworth Garden Club and Healthy Acadia will be hosting an Ellsworth Green Plan panel discussion and public forum on strengthening our local food chain. This event, at 6:30 p.m. at the Moore Community Center in Ellsworth, is free and open to all.

The event will begin with a panel discussion with representation from local farmers and farming agencies/organizations, followed by an open public conversation. Part of encouraging robust sustainable agriculture efforts in the Ellsworth area involves determining the resources required to nurture a thriving local farming community. The Food and Farmers subcommittee of the Ellsworth Green Plan invites the public to express their views on what this area needs to support local farmers and urban homesteaders, to document what is being done well around this topic and to share their vision for how to make locally grown food accessible to all.

Research has shown that buying local supports your local businessmen and women and the regional economy, including increasing jobs, encouraging economic development and providing opportunities for disadvantaged farmers; buying local also benefits the environment by preserving farmland and open space, and helps boost healthy food access. This event is part of a larger conversation going on community-wide, including a recent presentation and discussion about sustainable development in the city, and an upcoming event on Oct. 18 focused on the possibility of developing a plastic bag ordinance in Ellsworth to follow Blue Hill and other Maine communities. Participants at this panel forum and at other Green Plan events will have the opportunity to help determine the course of Ellsworth’s growth toward being a model green community.

For more information about the event as well as the Food and Farmers subcommittee of the Ellsworth Green Plan, contact Julie Daigle at [email protected].

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