(Left to right) Anthony Gause, Maine Elks Association state president; Jacqueline Wycoff from the Community Closet; Eric Hoard of the Ellsworth Elks Lodge 2743; and Linda Gause, first lady of the Maine Elks Association.

Elks present donation at Wheel of Meat event

ELLWORTH — The Ellsworth Elks Lodge on Oct. 12 presented a $2,000 check to Jacqueline Wycoff, director of the Community Closet.

The donation was made during the lodge’s monthly “Wheel of Meat” event. In attendance were Maine Elks Association State President Anthony Gause and his wife, Linda Gause. Also attending were Maine Elks Association President-elect Scott Monroe and his wife, Monica.

The Elks dignitaries were making an annual visit to the lodge and partaking in the Wheel of Meat and Sunday fish fry. In the Wheel of Meat, players spin a wheel. If it lands on their number, they win meat.

The donation was made possible by a spotlight grant from the Elks Grand Lodge and was a part of a $3.7 million initiative by the Grand Lodge. The $2,000 grants are available to every lodge to “shine the light on COVID-19 relief.” Every dollar donated from the lodge is eligible for almost $2 in grants.

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