Sumner Educators Recognized in Augusta

AUGUSTA — Two Sumner Memorial High School educators were among 10 recognized statewide recently for their work helping students at risk of dropping out of school.

Val Peacock and Ander Thebaud, directors of the Pathways Program at Sumner, were honored June 3 in a ceremony at the Blaine House.

Pathways, which is in its pilot phase, enables students to earn academic credit for nontraditional course work and on-the-job experience.

“Students are placed at the heart of the learning process, which is the best way to meet a diverse population of learners’ needs,” said Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen.

“Pathways success is the result of the passion, wisdom, caring and dedication of Peacock and Thebaud,” he said. “They give students voice and space to guide their own learning.”

Nominations for the annual awards are made by local dropout prevention committees to the State Advisory Committee on Truancy, Dropout and Alternative Education.

Recipients, according to the Department of Education, are chosen for their impact on many young people whose lives might have turned out differently if not for the caring and intervention of these individuals.

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