School Residency Definition is Tightened

MOUNT DESERT — A few “glaring cases” of people who do not live in town enrolling their children at Mount Desert Elementary School has prompted the school committee to adopt a stricter resident determination policy.


“Adequate proof of residency … will be required in all cases, the burden of proof of residency in the school unit being with the student’s parent/guardian,” the new policy states.

If there are questions about a child’s place of residence, the policy gives the superintendent of the Mount Desert Island Regional School System (MDI RSS) the authority to have the parent or guardian provide documentation or sign a “residency affidavit.”

“We have had enough cases, enough glaring cases, where people who didn’t live in the town of Mount Desert were driving their children in,” said Heather Jones, Mount Desert School Committee chairman. “They were not paying tuition and not paying (property) taxes. In some cases, they were renting places in the town, but they didn’t actually live there.”

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