RSU 25 Committee Hears Program Proposal

BUCKSPORT — Every child is different. No two look the same or learn the same.

With that in mind, Regional School Unit 25’s Curriculum Steering Committee met Dec. 13 to listen to a presentation of a behavior and academics intervention response program.

Miles Lane and G.H. Jewett schools Principal Christina Ellis presented a program she hopes to have implemented by the beginning of the new year. The focus is on how to deal with academic and behavioral struggles some students have.

“Primarily we want to focus on the behavioral side of things,” Ellis said. “Children in elementary school provides the best time to help them understand the consequences of their actions and how to avoid repeating the action.”

At the meeting, Ellis presented committee members with a packet of information about what goals the staff wants to reach with the program, and also the process being used to fully implement it.

The packet included a draft of the behavior consequence rubric, as well as a classroom vs. principal’s office managed behaviors for teachers to know what they can deal with and what needs to be directed to Ellis.

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Amanda Greenberg

Former Ellsworth American reporter Amanda Greenberg joined the staff in October 2012 after graduating from the University of Maine in Orono. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Amanda moved to Maine when she was nine.