Penobscot students celebrate Harry Potter

PENOBSCOT — When the Harry Potter series made its debut, every child around the world wanted to be a character from the books.

Penobscot School students got the opportunity to do just that March 2.

An evening event at the school was planned in which students and staff dressed up in clothing similar to what is worn by the students of Hogwarts, with some students spending the night.

“As the students arrived, they were directed into a classroom and fitted with a robe,” event coordinator Judy Brenton said. “After that, they were all moved into the cafeteria to be sorted into their houses.”

The age ranges of the students went from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. The seventh- and eighth-graders weren’t sorted since Brenton said many of them wanted to be in Slytherin House.

“They wanted to be the bad guys, so we figured we’d let them,” Brenton said.

The rest of the children got to be called one by one and have a sorting hat placed on their heads.

“We had a baby monitor in the hat with another one in a seperate room so we could pretend the hat was really talking,” Brenton said.

After everyone had been sorted, a turkey feast was served for dinner. All the trimmings were there: mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, vegetables and cupcakes for dessert.

“The entertainment for the evening came in the form of four skits,” Brenton said.

Around 8 p.m., a bonfire was held with the Penobscot Fire Department tending to the fire from beginning to end.

Afterward, the children who were spending the night were led into the library to watch one of the movies, while the younger children were picked up by their parents and taken home.

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Amanda Greenberg

Former Ellsworth American reporter Amanda Greenberg joined the staff in October 2012 after graduating from the University of Maine in Orono. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Amanda moved to Maine when she was nine.