Peninsula School Honor Roll

Grade 4

HIGH HONORS: Madeline Buswell, Colby Hurd.

HONORS: Britney Bickford, Kyle Brooks, Ashley Church, Tara Flubacher, Alexis Hutchins, Colby McLean, Killian McLean, Andrew Moshier.

Grade 5

HONORS: Emelia Arnett, Cody Brooks, Brandon Grinnan, Jordan Hunt, Jason Jacobs, Logan Jordan, Malcolm Perry, Samuel Tracy, Christian Witham.

Grade 6

HONORS: Rebecca Grinnan.

Grade 7

HIGH HONORS: Kamen McLean, Brianna Saad.

HONORS: Emily Martin, Alex O’Hara, Amie O’Hara, Delaney Woodward.

Grade 8

HONORS: Chelsea Alley, Ali Coelho.

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