Pemetic budget relatively flat

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — School officials here are proposing a nearly $3.17-million budget for the Pemetic Elementary School for the upcoming school year.

The proposed budget for 2013-2014 is $539 less than approved for this year. Factoring in debt service, the budget reflects a $17,600, or .63 percent, increase.

If the proposed budget is approved by voters at the May town meeting, property tax payers can expect to see an increase of $18.71 for each $100,000 of valuation, said Nancy Thurlow, business manager for the Mount Desert Island Regional School System.

One factor affecting the budget is a drop in the amount of carryover from the current year. About $49,000 in carryover is expected from this year’s budget.

The state subsidy for Pemetic also is expected to drop. The estimated $110,000 for the school is $50,000 less than received for this school year.

The $1.1 million budget line for regular instruction is nearly $8,500 less than this year, primarily because one fewer teacher is needed, Ms. Thurlow said.

Special education costs are going up. The proposed $509,500 budget line is almost $47,000 more than for this year. Nearly $27,000 of the increase is for staff health insurance. A greater need for speech and occupational therapy accounts for another $10,000.

Pemetic is hoping to save $14,600 in the upcoming school year by opting out of the state’s lease program for laptop computers for students, Ms. Thurlow said. Instead of leasing, the school plans to purchase off-lease computers for student use. Each computer is expected to cost $48.

The $198,500 budget for administration is up nearly $6,600. The increase includes $2,900 more for health insurance and a $1,700 salary increase for principal Dianne Helprin.

The facilities maintenance costs are down nearly $10,000, primarily due to a drop in the budget for electricity.

The proposed budget also includes $17,000 for roof repairs and $8,000 for security measures.

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Mark Good

Mark Good

Reporter at Mount Desert Islander