Narraguagus High School Honor Roll


HIGH HONORS: Anna Avakian, Kristen Burke, Ethan Dublin, Chris Larson, Drew Ramsay, Joshua Smith.

HONORS: Skyler Beckwith, Nicholas Carver, Danielle Hayes, Audrey Higgins, Kyle Leackfeldt, Lauren Merritt, Ashley Robinson, Terrance “TJ” Rumery, Ashley Santerre.


HIGH HONORS: Grace Avakian, Natasha Boada, Danielle Eaton, Cassandra Fickett, Stephen Strout, Anna VanDam.

HONORS: Brittany Atwater, Jenna Beal, Jesse Blackburn, Joshua Maillet, Cara Radley, Kelsey Radley, Ryan Ramsay, Gabriela Vazsquez.


HIGH HONORS: Claire Albee, Maria Kinane, Tamra Lenfestey, Mariah Minervino, Michael Sargent.

HONORS: Danielle Bagley, Brittany Burke, Nathan Dublin, Meghan Hatt, Vivian Jackson, Chelsea Martin, Jessica Potts, Taylor Ramsay.


HIGH HONORS: Rachel Eaton, Haley Eckert, Michael Larson, Charles Merchant, Whitney Sargent, Erin Smith, Haley Toppin.

HONORS: Cody Blackburn, Rachelle Carver, Christopher Chaponis, Kathryn Crowley, Jordan Endre, David Grant, Andrew Kennedy, Brittany West.

Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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