Lunch changes at MDI High School

BAR HARBOR — Mount Desert Island High School cafeteria leaders are making some changes to their lunch program in order to implement new federal and state regulations designed to create more nutritionally-balanced meals.

Beginning Nov. 1, two hot lunch specials will be offered each day. The price will be $2.75. The salad bar option will continue to be offered, but students may be asked to take a measured amount of protein. Salad bar will come with a wheat roll and choice of milk, also at $2.75.

There will be no ala-carte food items offered before school, at locker break or at lunch. No chips, toaster pastries, individual cold sandwiches or hot sandwiches will be offered.

The cafeteria will offer two breakfast specials each day, at $1.25 each. Ala-carte beverages will no longer be offered, nor will bottled water. Students are encouraged to bring refillable bottles and make use of the new water fountains to top off.

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