Hancock Grammar School honor roll

The following students were named to the Hancock Grammar School honor roll for the first trimester:

Grade 5

Honors: Hailey Alley; Jacob Beal; Bryce Bishop; Katie Burton; Hunter Jones; Jacob McLaughlin; Sydney Merchant; Jessalyn Parks; Dylan Piper; Ian Remillard; Kamdyn Sargent; Ava VanDorn.

Grade 6

High honors: Dade Hawkins; Eamon MacDonald.

Honors: Ethan Chase; Aidan DeRaps-Russell; Savanah Grant; Chloe Hooper; Taylor Mason; Madison Rome; Elaina Thomas; Kameron Waroway.

Grade 7

High honors: Finn Baker; Franke Bryant; Lexi Coombs; Colin Piper.

Honors: Dawson Allen; Abbie Erwin; Cameron Ward.

Grade 8

High honors: Katie Beal; Julia Perconti; Finn Seyffer.

Honors: Jacob Green.

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