Photo Courtesy Ellsworth Garden Club

EHS Shows Off New Greenhouse

Photo Courtesy Ellsworth Garden Club
Ellsworth Garden Club members and Ellsworth High School staff, teachers and students constructed the new greenhouse with support and expertise from many local businesses and community members.

ELLSWORTH — Ellsworth High School will host an open house for its new greenhouse on Sept. 24 from 5 to 7 p.m. The greenhouse is the result of a partnership between EHS and the Ellsworth Garden Club. It also is the centerpiece of a larger initiative, “Food for Life and Learning,” funded earlier this year by the Maine Community Foundation.

The objective is to help provide opportunities for students to connect with gardening, horticulture and agriculture not only through the school’s extracurricular garden club, but also across the curriculum through a variety of academic subjects.

“I’m excited by the new greenhouse and what it will help us do,” said Kimberly Sellers, chairman of the School Gardening Committee. “But I’m also excited by the way in which this partnership with the Garden Club has generated such tremendous community support. Hopefully, it has laid the groundwork for other partnerships like this.”

Although EHS has had a school garden in the summer, the new greenhouse will enable students to grow vegetables year-round and experiment with the potential of solar energy, which will be the only source of heat for the building.

The framed greenhouse was made possible in part through the volunteer efforts of Tom Adamo and Tony Ferrara, founders of the Greenhouse Project based on the Blue Hill Peninsula. The Greenhouse Project acquired key materials at cost and provided design expertise as well as material contributions for the EHS project. Numerous local businesses and individuals then shared their expertise and made significant donations of materials and work time. The school maintenance staff carried out preparatory ground work. Then, teachers, staff and students came together with a team of Ellsworth Garden Club members to raise the greenhouse from the ground up over two weekends.

Tours of the greenhouse will begin at 5 p.m.

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