Deer Isle-Stonington High School senior Tyson Rice receives his diploma from teacher Terry Siebert during the school’s graduation ceremony on June 10. MONIQUE LABBE PHOTO

DISHS seniors look back during graduation

By Monique Labbe

Special to The Ellsworth American

DEER ISLE — With Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song “Up Around the Bend” playing in the background, the 2018 Deer Isle-Stonington High School graduates walked out of the gymnasium to a rousing round of applause from family, friends, teachers and staff during the graduation ceremony on June 10.

As their high school careers came to a close, the four honor parts speakers recalled their fondest memories of the past 13 years in the Deer Isle-Stonington school system, as well as a few fears that have haunted them the last few weeks of school.

Second Honor Essayist Madison Eaton presented a slide show instead of giving a speech.

The slideshow consisted of photos of Eaton, both past and present, with her friends and family, at school, home, and on different trips throughout her life.

The 37 Deer Isle-Stonington High School graduates stand to face the audience during the graduation ceremony on June 10.

First Honor Essayist Brendan Penfold recalled two soccer games he played in during his middle school years. He scored two goals in his career, one during each of those two games. The experience and fellow players helped him learn that a person’s best has to be good enough. If you fail, learn from it, don’t hang your head.

“Our class motto was ‘Do your job,’ and I think that’s important,” Penfold said. “Live with no regrets; give everything your best effort. I will look fondly on my years at Deer Isle-Stonington, and on the people that I have spent my time with here.”

Salutatorian Ennis Marshall admitted fears of going on into the unknown after high school.

“Everything I’ve known in the past 13 years is gone, and that’s pretty scary,” Marshall said. “I have spent the last 13 years making relationships I cherish. The biggest thing that scares me is that now, there will be so much room to move on, to get caught up in work and lose touch. The reality of that is terrifying.”

“For the longest time I wanted to get away from here. Now I wish I could stay longer and spend time with my friends,” he added.

For Valedictorian Orly Vaughn, it was the teachers, Deer Isle-Stonington community and being a part of the basketball team that had the most impact on her years as a Mariner.

“My favorite thing this year was beating [George Stevens Academy] during basketball season,” she said. “I really felt the excitement from the fans, even though it wasn’t a home game. They cheered louder, and harder, and we won the game by four.”

Deer Isle-Stonington High School graduated 37 students this year, 20 of whom graduated as honor students, 13 as members of the National Honor Society and three as members of the National Technical Honor Society.

Juniors Lily Gray and Caleb Hardie served as class marshals.

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