“College Completion Day” scheduled at UMA

ELLSWORTH — The University of Maine at Augusta’s (UMA) Ellsworth campus will host a “College Completion Day” on Thursday, Nov. 15, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The day is designed for adults with some college but no degree who want to talk with professional academic advisors about how to create a path to degree completion.

Appointments will not be necessary on College Completion Day. All walk-ins are welcome.

UMA Ellsworth’s staff, cross-trained to efficiently help students navigate admissions, registration, financial aid, student accounts, academic advising and more, will be available to guide potential students on a path to degree completion at the University of Maine at Augusta.

“The goal of UMA’s off-campus centers is to provide access to higher education to students who cannot attend classes at a main campus,” said Director Ann Delaney. “This is an especially good time to return to college because of the availability of scholarships specific to adults who want to complete a college degree.”

Students taking classes through the UMA Ellsworth Center can choose from classes taught on-site with an instructor, classes delivered via videoconferencing and online classes. On-site and videoconference classes usually meet one day per week for two hours and 45 minutes. UMA also offers hybrid classes, which combine a one hour and 15 minute class meeting per week and the rest of the coursework online.

The UMA Ellsworth Center has a full-time staff person dedicated to providing student services. Peer tutors are available to work with students who need extra support with coursework. The center also has a study area with 10 desktop computers for student use, plus wireless high-speed internet for students who want to bring a laptop.

The next semester at UMA Ellsworth starts Jan. 22. UMA Ellsworth may be contacted at 667-3897 or through its website at uma/edu/ellsworth.

Information on UMA’s statewide “College Completion Day” at two campuses and eight off-campus centers is available at uma.edu/finish/.

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