Photo Courtesy of Regional School Unit 25

Changes afoot in RSU 25 facility, staff

Photo Courtesy of Regional School Unit 25
Sheridan Corp. stripped out Bucksport High School’s old glass façade this summer, replacing it with engineered panels, new windows and a brick façade. Those changes were part of a broader renovation of the 52-year-old facility, budgeted at $2.5 million and including a range of other changes.

BUCKSPORT — The metaphorical winds of change have been blowing over Bucksport High School this summer, bringing a series of improvements that will, among other things, better distribute the literal winds of nature throughout the 52-year-old building.

Sheridan Corp. is carrying out a renovation of the high school. According to Regional School Unit 25 (RSU 25) Superintendent Jim Boothby, the upgrades have so far included a new facade, heat exchange system and energy-efficient lighting.

The project started over April vacation and continued when students left for the summer.

While the renovation — budgeted at $2.5 million — initially was expected to span three summers, Boothby expressed his satisfaction that Sheridan has been able to complete most of the work this summer, allowing for students to return to class this fall.

So far this summer, Boothby said Sheridan has removed glass blocks from the front of the building, replacing them with engineered panels, new windows and a brick facade. The building’s entryway has been redone and its parking lot lights replaced with outdoor LED fixtures.

On the inside, Boothby said, Sheridan has added 60,000 square feet of energy-efficient ceiling lights, replaced the fire alarms and reworked the heating system, installing five heat recovery units that will better focus the drafts blowing through the structure.

Sheridan’s remaining tasks include installing an electronic sign at the front of the building, laying new carpeting in the school library and, in September, having masons finish work on the back of the building, Boothby said.

Besides the changes to the high school building, RSU 25 also has recruited a range of new faculty and staff for this upcoming year, partially to replace a larger-than-average crop of 2014 retirees.

Between June and July, the RSU 25 Board accepted the nominations of over a dozen new teachers, educational technicians, coaches, librarians and nurses for its various schools. Five additional nominees were up for approval at the board’s August meeting.

Charles Eichacker

Charles Eichacker

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