Bucksport High School Salutatorian MaKenzie Smith advises her fellow graduates during commencement Friday that their futures aren’t about “taking a path but making a trail.” ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY JENNIFER OSBORN

Bucksport grads told to “draw your own map”

BUCKSPORT — Short but inspirational was the common theme among the messages delivered by the Bucksport High School Class of 2018’s honor parts speakers at Friday’s commencement ceremony in the Ralph Jewett Auditorium.

Principal Josh Tripp addressed the class about “drawing your own map.” Tripp was inspired for this particular talk by a quote from author and podcaster Seth Godin:

“Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them.”

“Tonight is a celebration of all that is good about education,” Tripp said. The ceremony represents a “tremendous amount of work by our students.”

The principal said the graduating class of 66 students had a cumulative grade point average of 88.4. The class received just over $150,000 in scholarships and had worked volunteer hours totaling over 3,655.

“Do not be afraid to fail,” Tripp said. “This world needs innovators.”

Tripp closed with a list of advice including: “Be kind,” “say thank you,” “listen to others,” “show respect for others” and “give back to the community that raised you.”

First Honor Essayist Chase Carmichael, said, “If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, build a door. If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk.”

Salutatorian MaKenzie Smith offered advice for her classmates.

“It’s not about taking a path but making a trail,” Smith said. “It’s not about which direction you choose but how far you go. Remember, if you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl.”

Valedictorian Danny Bunker said, “You have to know yourself and what’s best for you. If you choose to take the easy road, you’ll never exhaust your potential.”

“Don’t confuse material wealth with success,” Bunker said.

Bunker quoted “The Office” TV show character Dwight Schrute:

“Before I do anything, I ask myself, would an idiot do that? And if the answer is yes, then I do not do that thing.”

Bunker recited the previous honor parts speakers’ bit about walking if you can’t run then crawling if you can’t walk.

“But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward,” Bunker said.

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