Deer Survey Goes to Voters

TREMONT — Is there an overpopulation of deer on Mount Desert Island? And, if there is, should the ban on hunting be lifted or should another method of managing the herd be employed?

Selectmen here decided Monday to let the town’s registered voters have their say on the issue through a 10-question survey designed to gather opinions about controlling the deer population.

The survey is to be mailed to everyone on the town’s voter registration list, according to town manager Millard Billings.

The survey was developed in response to concerns islandwide that the burgeoning deer population is causing an increase in traffic accidents, damaging landscaping and contributing to the potential for people to contract Lyme disease.

Tremont is the first Mount Desert Island town to agree to send the survey to voters for comment. Bar Harbor has formed a deer herd task force to study the issue. Selectmen in Mount Desert and Southwest Harbor have yet to consider the matter.

All survey questions can be answered by checking off the applicable boxes. Space is provided for written comments.

Mr. Billings said he is pleased with the wording of the survey and expects the results to be a clear indication of the wishes of respondents and not subject to multiple interpretations.

“I thought it was clear enough that the outcome would be certain,” he said.

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Mark Good

Mark Good

Reporter at Mount Desert Islander