Dedham Selectmen Discuss Furnace Replacement

DEDHAM — The time has come to replace the furnace at the town office. At the Dec. 20 selectmen’s meeting, board members were presented with two estimates for replacements.

The decision came as a result of a recent inspection that deemed the furnace unlikely to last the winter.

There were many nods of agreement on steps that need to be taken as soon as possible to do something about the furnace. Town Clerk Michelle Begin inquired about replacing the furnace, and received two estimates.

One came from Budge Heating of Bradley for the installation of a Peerless Boiler for $5,275. The other, from Buchanan Mechanical of Clifton for the installation of a Thermoflow boiler, was $4,300, but that estimate also came with the option of replacing the old boiler with a propane-burning one.

The price tag associated with the propane boiler was $9,250.

The idea of changing to propane was met with much approval even though the price tag was higher than simply replacing the old boiler because of the propane price per gallon. Another point pushing the selectmen to go the propane route was the fact that the school next door had recently installed a propane furnace and achieved substantial savings.

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Amanda Greenberg

Former Ellsworth American reporter Amanda Greenberg joined the staff in October 2012 after graduating from the University of Maine in Orono. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Amanda moved to Maine when she was nine.