December births at Maine Coast

Downeast births at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, Ellsworth

LEEMAN — to Sydne Smith and Tyler Leeman of Hancock, a son, Ryan Russell, Dec. 3.

LOVEJOY — to Trisha Redimarker and Branden Lovejoy of Columbia, a son, Tyler Jace, Dec. 3.

STECHER — to Cindi Eaton and Kevin Stecher of Little Deer Isle, a daughter, Charlotte Lee, Dec. 4.

PAUL — to Guerline and Carol Paul of Lamoine, a daughter, Kiara Ashley, Dec. 4.

TRACEY — to Ivy and Frank Tracey of Sullivan, a son, Brayden Mitchell, Dec. 5.

COFFIN — to Mariah and Jonathon Coffin of Steuben, a daughter, Carter Anne, Dec. 5.

SOPER — to Destiny and Levi Soper of Ellsworth, a son, Austin Garrett, Dec. 8.

CARIGNAN — to Paige Phinney and Steven Carignan of Steuben, a daughter, Delilah Ann, Dec. 9.

GREENE — to Erica and Kristopher Greene of Harrington, a daughter, Isabelle Jane, Dec. 9.

CHUMAKOV — to Anastasiia Chumakova and Denis Chumakov of Southwest Harbor, a son, Ivan Denisovich, Dec. 9.

HARKINS — to Jordan DeSalvo and Andrew Harkins of Seal Cove, a son, Andrew Jackson, Dec. 12.

HARKINS — to Mary Alley and Patrick Harkins of Bass Harbor, a daughter, Misla Jane, Dec. 13.

DUNN — to Nichole and Dustin Dunn of Hulls Cove, a son, Greyson Thomas, Dec. 17.

JOHNSON — to Melody and Mason Johnson of Birch Harbor, a son, Garrett Thomas, Dec. 20.

MCDOUGALL — to Alicia and Shawn McDougall of Holden, a son, Finnley Michael, Dec. 22.

FARRENKOPF — to Misha Mytar and Daniel Farrenkopf of Sullivan, a son, Field Marc, Dec. 26.

BEAULIEU — to Kristy and Joe Beaulieu of Orland, a daughter, Willow Raine, Dec. 27.

COULTER — to Ashley Coulter of Bucksport, a son, Brantley James, Dec. 28.

BISHOP — to Eliza and William Bishop of Seal Cove, a daughter, Frances Viola, Dec. 29.

CORBIN — to Moriah and Michael Corbin of Ellsworth, a daughter, Olivia Rose Marie, Dec. 31.

BLOSS — to Kristie Bloss of Orland, a son, Asher Lane-Michael, Dec. 31.

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