Council authorizes up to $20,000 for fire alarm repairs

ELLSWORTH — The Ellsworth City Council held an emergency meeting Friday morning to authorize up to $20,000 for the replacement of a “fire alarm panel and other associated costs,” according to City Manager David Cole.

Cole said Fire Inspector Mike Hangge contacted him “concerned because the fire alarm system was malfunctioning over the Memorial Day weekend.”

Maine Fire Protection condemned the panel. Maine Fire Protection Systems, which services the system, quoted $16,890 for replacement of the panel and associated parts, said Cole in a memo to councilors.

The additional $3,110 is for “any unanticipated expenses” as well as “costs related to our elevator service provider who will need to make some connectivity adjustments,” Cole said.

The system is around 20 years old, according to Cole, who added it is “unlikely” anything bad will happen, “but prudence dictates that we should move and do it expeditiously.”

The money for repairs is slated to come out of the City Hall Capital Reserve Account.

Kate Cough

Kate Cough

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