Winter Harbor Police Log: Woman accused of bouncing check

WINTER HARBOR — Susan Boudreau, 47, of Gouldsboro was summoned Aug. 12 on a charge of negotiating a worthless instrument, police said.

Police said Boudreau wrote a $424.98 check to S&S Enterprises, which repairs motor vehicles, and the check bounced.

Road rage

Police responded to a road rage incident Aug. 16 that began in Hancock and continued onto Route 1 in Gouldsboro.

Police said a Winter Harbor couple allegedly were assaulted and there also was a firearm displayed.

Lobster wars

Police were called to the Winter Harbor Town Pier Aug. 24 regarding the theft of lobsters.

Police said when they arrived they discovered there had been an altercation between two people and threats were made to cut off the other person’s lobster traps.

The Marine Patrol was advised of the situation, police said.

Rings, check stolen

Police say they may have recovered two rings stolen in a recent burglary at a Winter Harbor home.

The woman on Sept. 2 described the two family rings that had been taken, police said. The burglar also took a blank check from her checkbook, police said.

“The subject described the two rings that police had recovered earlier within a string of related burglaries,” said Police Chief Danny Mitchell. “Police will confirm identification of the rings and prepare for their return to the victim.”

Police said the check appeared to have been cashed at a location in Washington County and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified.

Loud music

Police were called Aug. 29 about someone playing loud music at a residence off Main Street, but determined there were no laws being broken.

On Aug. 12, police responded to a complaint about loud music being played on Ocean Heights Drive.

The homeowner agreed to tone down the music, police said.

Burglar alarm

A burglar alarm was activated at a residence on Grindstone Neck Aug. 30, but the caretaker determined it was triggered by the wind, police said.

Transported resident

Police assisted the Sullivan Fire Department Aug. 5 in transporting a resident whose home was on fire.

Police also were asked to then close off the road.

Party on Guzzle

Police on Aug. 13 assisted Gouldsboro Police in responding to a loud party that was taking place on the Guzzle Road.

Suspicious cars

A resident complained to police Aug. 1 that there was a suspicious car parked in the driveway of a neighbor.

Police said they asked the owner of the car to move it.

Police on Aug. 17 received a complaint about a motor vehicle abandoned in the parking lot at the Masonic Lodge on School Street.

Police said they told the owner of the vehicle to remove it.

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Jacqueline Weaver

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