Twice-stopped teen arrested after slow-speed chase

ELLSWORTH — A teenage Connecticut driver was arrested late Wednesday night after she was stopped twice by police.

Those stops bookended what Lt. Harold Page termed a “slow-speed chase” on High Street.

Page said Officer Dan Owens initially stopped 18-year-old Erika L. Goodman of Greenwich, Conn., around 10:30 p.m. on High Street.

Owens stopped her, Page said, because she had allegedly been traveling at 55 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone.

Goodman pulled over, stopped and supplied Owens with her license and registration. While Owens was in the process of writing a ticket, however, Goodman reportedly put her vehicle back in gear and drove off.

That led to what Page called a “slow-speed chase” along High Street, which eventually ended at the traffic light at the intersection with Myrick Street. Page said Goodman stopped there for a red light.

Other officers were involved by that point, and they used their vehicles to box Goodman’s vehicle in. She was arrested and charged with criminal speed (defined as 30 or more mph over the speed limit), failure to stop for an officer and violation of conditions of release.

Page said the Connecticut teenager had an interesting explanation for why she drove away from Owens after the first stop.

“Ms. Goodman said she took off because she thought the officer would follow her to Bass Harbor and speak with her there,” he said.

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Steve Fuller

Steve Fuller

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