Texas Man Crunches Passing Chevy

GOULDSBORO — John Broussard, 64, of Baytown, Texas, struck another car Sept. 6 while backing out of his driveway, police said.

Police said Broussard, who was driving a 2012 Dodge, struck the passenger door of a 2010 Chevy operated by Freda Hibbard of Winter Harbor.

Police said the accident occurred near Maine Kiln Works and the Clinic Road, where road and bridge construction is under way.

Videos Overdue

Chicken Mill Video complained to police Sept. 4 that a Steuben man rented videos Sept. 1 but didn’t return them.

Police said they located the man and he returned the movies.

Fast Saab

Police were alerted Sept. 8 to a green Saab that was said to be driving more than 100 miles per hour and headed from Steuben to Gouldsboro.

Police said they were out of position and didn’t see the car.

Stolen Truck

State police on Sept. 7 asked local police to be on the lookout for a pick up truck that had been stolen on the Morancy Road in Sullivan.

Police said they helped recover the truck on the Grange Hill Road behind Tracey Seafood in Sullivan.

Lost Wallet

Police on Sept. 7 returned a wallet to a local man who left it at Mc’s Marketplace.

Strange Person

A Gouldsboro Point Road man called police Sept. 6 to say a suspicious looking man was walking along Route 1 near the Guzzle Road, police said.

Police said they looked for the man but didn’t see him.

911 Hang-up

Police received a 911 hang-up call from the Eleanor Widener Dixon Memorial Clinic Sept. 5, but said everything was fine when they called.

Police received a 911 hang-up call Sept. 4. They could not identify the location but left a message for the caller.

Door Open

Police found a door unlocked at the Gouldsboro Community Center Sept. 5.

They locked it.

Disabled Car

Police on Sept. 9 called a tow truck for a 39-year-old Cherryfield man whose 2000 GMC 1500 pickup truck stopped suddenly on Route 1.

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