Sullivan Man on Dirt Bike Summoned

GOULDSBORO — Nathan Drost, 18, of Sullivan, was summoned Oct. 4 on a charge of operating a dirt bike on a public road, police said.

Police said they spotted Drost riding the dirt bike on Route 1 near Young’s Market and pulled him over.

Drost said he knew he wasn’t supposed to be riding the dirt bike on a public road but had no other way of getting to work in the village of Prospect Harbor, police said.


Jason Ruffner, 32, of Gouldsboro was arrested Oct. 8 on two warrants for failure to pay fines, police said.

Mailbox Heist

A Pond Road man called police Oct. 7 to report that his blue mailbox had been stolen, police said.

Police said when they arrived they saw the hole where the mailbox had been as well as tire tracks, which they photographed.

Gunshots Heard

A man who lives on Corea Road in the village of Prospect Harbor reported hearing gunshots across the road from his home Oct. 3, police said.

Police said they parked in two spots in the wooded area and listened for several minutes, but heard no gunshots.

Police said there would be no further investigation.

Road Rage

Police were told to be on the lookout Oct. 14 for a black Porsche that cut someone off on Route 1 in Ellsworth.

Police said they located the driver on Route 186 and she began berating them about why she was stopped.

Police said the woman, who lives on Summer Harbor Road in Winter Harbor and in St. Augustine, Fla., told them the driver she passed in Ellsworth first cut her off and gave her the finger.

Police said they advised the woman “two wrongs don’t make a right,” especially when it comes to road rage.

Police said the woman apologized.

The Wind Did It

A 68-year-old Gouldsboro homeowner who also lives in Michigan called police Oct. 7 to say that her home might have been burglarized, police said.

Police said the woman told them that another woman who watches her cats for her called and said it looked like someone had broken into the house.

Police said they found the storm door partially open and the screen was cut on the top portion of the door.

The porch light on the left side of the door was broken, police said.

Police said they surmised recent high winds blew the door open onto the porch light, damaging both the door and light.

Deer Collisions

A 69-year-old man hit and killed a deer while driving on West Bay Road Oct. 8, police said.

Police said they gave the driver a tag for the deer.

A Machias man on Oct. 11 was watching a deer cross Route 1 near the Chicken Mill Road when another deer ran into the side of his pickup truck, police said.

A man driving a 1998 Subaru hit a deer Oct. 12 on Route 1 in Steuben, just over the Gouldsboro line, police said.

Clinic Alarm

Police said a burglar alarm was accidentally activated at the Eleanor Widener Dixon Memorial Clinic in Gouldsboro Oct. 8.

Police said they notified security staff at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, who said they would send someone to reset the alarm.

Locked Out

An 84-year-old man locked his keys inside his car Oct. 17, police said.

Police said they were unable to unlock the vehicle and called a service station in Milbridge to help out.

Caught Cat

A 79-year-old man called police Oct. 11 to tell them he had trapped another cat, police said.

Police said they took the cat to the Small Animal Clinic in Ellsworth.

911 Hang-up

Police said they received two 911 hang-up calls from a cell phone that was traced to Young’s Farm Road.

Police said the caller said he had deliberately changed to a flip phone to avoid accidental calls and wasn’t sure how the calls were made.

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