Scammer hits senior for $64K

BAR HARBOR — A local senior citizen apparently fell victim to a telephone scam this week and is now out over $64,000, police said.

The woman, who police say is likely suffering from the onset of dementia, received a phone call telling her that she had won $2 million in a lottery. She was then asked to send $1,500 to a Florida address, in order to get the prize money to her, which she did. The requests for more money kept coming, police said, and in a matter of three days the woman had sent a total of $64,405 to the address.

Scams like this are common, police said, but can be avoided. “You should never send somebody you don’t know a check for any reason whatsoever,” Police Chief Nate Young said.

“Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is,” Sgt. David Kerns said. Anybody with questions in this area should contact the police department, he said.

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