Report of FBI arrest had the wrong charge

ELLSWORTH — An Oct. 11 report in The Ellsworth American (the report appeared online Oct. 9) regarding the FBI’s arrest of Michael Dolias, 45, of New Jersey had the wrong charge. Contrary to The American’s report, which said Dolias was wanted for murder, the charge against him involved drug trafficking.

According to an FBI document, Dolias was charged with conspiracy to traffic narcotics. That charge is still pending and has not yet been adjudicated.

In an email to The American, Dolias wrote: “In 2014 I was arrested and charged with multiple drug and racketeering charges as part of an investigation into a large drug ring. However, in April of 2018, after 4 years of this very complicated case, I pled guilty to possession of marijuana and ALL other charges against me were dismissed. I received 6 months loss of my N.J. driving privilege and $1,250 fine.

“In October 2018, I was arrested by FBI agents in Ellsworth and charged with conspiracy to traffic narcotics from 2014. As this case is still pending, I am presumed innocent unless proven guilty.”

Stephen Fay

Stephen Fay

Managing Editor at The Ellsworth American
Stephen Fay, managing editor of The Ellsworth American since 1996, is a third-generation Californian. Starting out as a news reporter in 1974, he has been an editor since 1976, working in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont before settling in Ellsworth with his wife and two daughters. [email protected]om

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