Cops & Courts

  • Wedding Guest Arrested in Altercation at Reception

    DEDHAM — A Massachusetts woman was arrested at a wedding reception Sunday after she allegedly hit another wedding guest in the face with a wine glass. Hancock County Deputy Sheriff Chris Thornton said the victim, a Penobscot woman, had “engaged in dialogue” with the bartender because she wasn’t happy with the service. The victim then

  • Grand Jury Indicts Man on Multiple Burglary Charges

    ELLSWORTH — A Hancock County grand jury Oct. 7 indicted a Waltham man accused of breaking into over a dozen businesses, churches and residences on the Blue Hill Peninsula and in Orland and Ellsworth.   Adam M. Gray, 27, was indicted on 15 counts of theft, 14 counts of burglary and one count of criminal

  • MDI Police: Grenade Shuts Down Parking Lot

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — The municipal parking lot on Village Green Way was closed for two hours Oct. 1 while a state police bomb technician removed a hand grenade from a pickup truck.   According to Southwest Harbor police Chief Dave Chapais, a resident went to the police station at about 10:15 a.m. to find out

  • Fifth District Court

    The following cases were heard in Fifth District Court, according to official records:   Kristy A. Abbott, 36, Sorrento. Keeping unlicensed dog at Sorrento, Jan. 1. Fined $150. Brian Albee, 47, Trenton. Disorderly conduct at Trenton, Jan. 8. Dismissed. Jonathan S. Asbury, 36, Bangor. Harassment by telephone at Tremont, April 8. Jail sentence for one

  • Hancock County Sheriff: Pedal Problems Lead to Accidents

    ELLSWORTH — Motorists had accelerator problems this week, which led to accidents in Franklin and Hancock, Hancock County Sheriff’s deputies reported.   A pickup truck struck wooden posts at the Franklin Trading Post after a motorist hit the accelerator instead of the brakes Sept. 20, police said. The truck came to rest on the store’s

  • Maine State Police: Report of Flasher Under Investigation

    ELLSWORTH — The Maine State Police are investigating a report of a man flashing three girls at the Deerfield Trailer Park in Hancock Sept. 21.   Troopers had gotten another complaint about the man three weeks ago. Trooper Jessica Shorey and her police dog Yosher searched the area but did not find anyone. Trooper Cliff

  • MDI Police: Smartphone Helps Track Thief

    BAR HARBOR — A Global Positioning System tracking application on a Mount Desert Island High School student’s iPhone helped direct police to the teen who might have stolen the electronic device, police said this week.   A Southwest Harbor girl’s iPhone was reported stolen from a classroom on Friday afternoon. Police said the phone included

  • Maine State Police: Thefts Under Investigation

    ELLSWORTH — Maine State Police are investigating several thefts.   A “substantial” amount of blueberry sod was taken from a Lamoine property. A boat with motor and trailer were stolen from a Mariaville property. Three guns are missing from a Franklin residence. Two cameras, an iPod Touch and cash are missing from Deer Isle-Stonington High

  • OUI Defendant Offers Orthodonture Defense; Jurors Decline to Bite

    ELLSWORTH — A Hancock County jury found a Miami Beach woman guilty of driving under the influence despite a defense that her Invisalign braces trapped alcohol in her mouth, which led to a false blood alcohol level reading.   Align Technology, a San Jose, Calif., firm, created the orthodontic device Invisalign, which the company describes