Meth lab uncovered in Bucksport

BUCKSPORT — Maine Drug Enforcement (MDEA) agents plan to charge a Bucksport man with unlawful operation of a methamphetamine laboratory after discovering evidence of such a lab in a search of his Central Street home Tuesday.

Adam Staples, 49, is on probation for a burglary conviction, according to Maine State Police spokesman Steve McCausland. Conditions of his probation require Staples to allow law enforcement to search his home for drugs and alcohol. On Tuesday evening, Bucksport and state police searched the home at 396 Central St. and found what they thought were the makings of a methamphetamine lab.

MDEA was contacted and an agent from the agency’s lab response team went to the home and confirmed there was evidence of methamphetamine manufacturing. Staples was taken to the Hancock County Jail on a charge of violating his probation.

Police secured the home overnight. MDEA agents returned Wednesday to process the potentially hazardous evidence. Agents took samples of the contents of bottles they believe had been used to make meth. They also “cataloged an array of chemicals that had been used in the illicit and dangerous process,” McCausland said.

MDEA agents plan to charge Staples with unlawful operation of a methamphetamine laboratory, a Class B felony.

MDEA’s lab team was assisted Wednesday by the state Department of Environmental Protection and the Bucksport Fire Department.

This is the 50th meth lab the MDEA lab team has responded to this year, according to McCausland.

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