MDI Police: Cops collar injured intruder

BAR HARBOR — A Bangor man was arrested early Saturday for breaking into a house after he called 911 to report that he was injured, according to police reports.


Benjamin Sawyer, 23, allegedly called 911 from a Cleftstone Road residence at 4 a.m. and reported that his fingers and arms were bleeding and he was not sure how the injury had occurred. Officer Thom Tardiff reportedly found Mr. Sawyer in a dark house with the owner asleep. Upon speaking with the homeowner, Officer Tardiff discovered that the man was a stranger who had entered the house without permission.

Mr. Sawyer, who allegedly was behaving strangely, was arrested on a charge of burglary and summonsed on charges of theft by unauthorized taking, criminal trespass, and possession of a useable amount of marijuana. Mr. Sawyer allegedly stole a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.

Mr. Sawyer was treated at the scene for his injuries. He had allegedly called 911 several times prior to the incident to report that he was lost in Acadia National Park and was bleeding.

Tucker Bell, 33, of Bar Harbor, was arrested early Saturday on a charge of disorderly conduct outside of a Main Street nightclub after police responded to reports of a large fight taking place. Mr. Bell reportedly was armed with a knife.

William Surette, 33, of Hartford, Conn. and Bar Harbor, was arrested Sunday on a charge of operating while under the influence (OUI) on Route 3.

Mr. Surette was again arrested Monday on a charge of violating the conditions of his release not to consume alcohol. Mr. Surette also was summonsed on a charge of criminal mischief in relation to a truck that was vandalized while parked downtown the night before.

Roberto Hostins, 45, of Bar Harbor, was arrested Sunday evening on a charge of OUI after allegedly driving erratically and running over a stop sign at the corner of Mount Desert and Eden streets.

Michael J. Moriarty, 39, of Gilford, N.H., was arrested on the Schooner Head Road Sept. 16 on a warrant for auto theft out of Brevard County, Fla.

Brian Burch, 22, of Bass Harbor, was arrested Sept. 16 while on foot on Cottage Street for violating the terms of his probation not to consume alcohol.

Brian Bunnell, 32, of Auburn, was summonsed Sept. 16 at the Finback Ale House, where he is a manager, on a charge of serving liquor after hours.

A 24-year-old man who was found intoxicated and asleep in someone else’s vehicle at College of the Atlantic early Sunday was given a ride to a friend’s house and told not to return to campus.

Jillaine Butler, 62, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed Sept. 17 on a charge of keeping a barking dog at her Albert Meadow home.

William W. Remaly, 68, of Ellington, Conn., was summonsed Sept. 15 on a charge of speeding on Route 3.

John N. Harris, 80, of Buzzards Bay, Mass., was summonsed on Mount Desert Street Sept. 17 on a charge of passing a stopped school bus.

Krystyna Libby, 20, of Milford, was summonsed Sunday on a charge of not wearing a seatbelt.

Ronald Prokopius, 36, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed Sept. 15 on a charge of speeding on Route 3.

Southwest Harbor

A woman who cleans a summer cottage on the Seawall Road reported on Sept. 15 a suspicious incident that occurred weeks earlier.

The woman reported a well-dressed man in a Mercedes Benz drove up to the home on Sept. 1 and said he was there to repay $8,000 he had borrowed from someone at the home a year ago. The man wanted to enter the home but the woman said no. She told police the man sat in his car for a few minutes, staring at the house and then left.

A camper who parked in front of a “No Overnight Parking” sign at the Manset Town Dock for three nights in a row was told to move on by police on Sept. 17.

Gaynor Aragona, 57, of Staten Island, N.Y., was summonsed Saturday on a speeding charge.

Police on Sept. 17 assisted the fire department and the U. S. Coast Guard with a fire on a lobster boat moored off Beal’s Pier on the Clark Point Road. The fire was quickly extinguished.

Divya Shah, 31, of Boston, Mass. was summonsed on a speeding charge Sept. 16.

Mount Desert

The theft of 50 pounds of lobsters from the Seal Harbor dock was reported Tuesday. The theft is believed to have occurred some time during the weekend.

Aaron Dawicki, 40, of Bar Harbor was arrested early Monday on a charge of OUI following a traffic stop in Northeast Harbor. He also was summonsed on charges of possessing a useable amount of marijuana and sale/possession of drug paraphernalia.

Maya Gray, 20, of Southwest Harbor, was arrested Sept. 17 on a charge of violating the conditions of her release while at the Mount Desert police station on another matter.

Acadia National Park

Myra Reeves, 32, of Florida was summonsed by rangers on Sept. 16 on a charge of operating without a license.

Michael Bloomfield, 47, of Sullivan was summonsed on a charge of operating with an expired license on Sept. 18.

Bradly Wenger, 39, of Ellsworth, was summonsed for an alleged stop sign violation on Sept. 20.


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