Hancock County Jail log

ELLSWORTH — The following individuals recently were booked into the Hancock County Jail:

March 31

Mark Briggs, 54, Surry, aggravated drug trafficking, violating conditions of release.

Joel Delcastillo, 31, Mount Desert, operating while under the influence (OUI), probation violation.

March 30

Aaron Davis, 27, Ellsworth, drug court sanction.

Andrae Dixon, 27, Bar Harbor, assault, bailed.

Steve Kane Jr., 21, Bucksport, sentenced to 48 hours in jail for telephone harassment.

Miche Lymburner, 19, Franklin, OUI, bailed.

Caitlin Wight, 25, Ellsworth, theft, bailed.

March 29

Gardiner Crabtree, 65, Hancock, sentenced to 45 days in jail for operating after suspension (OAS), violating conditions of release.

Stephen Cowperthwaite, 35, Gouldsboro, sentenced to 48 hours in jail for OUI.

Lance Gale, 24, Sedgwick, terrorizing, violating conditions of release, bailed.

Timothy Haslam, 26, Eastbrook, sentenced to 20 days in jail for OUI.

Cory McMillan, 19, Lamoine, failure to appear in court (FTA), bailed.

Jessica Pert, 28, Franklin, sentenced to 48 hours in jail for OUI.

March 28

Preston Carney, 23, Hancock, sentenced to 48 hours in jail for OUI, refusing to submit to arrest.

Elwood Carter, 46, Hancock, probation violation.

Mark Condon, 30, Moorhead, Minn., sentenced to seven days in jail for failure to stop for an officer.

James Jordon, 42, Ellsworth, FTA, bailed.

Kyle Kelliher, 21, Old Town, operating a motor vehicle as a habitual offender, illegal attachment of plates, bailed.

Jennifer Lozano, 43, Bar Harbor, sentenced to 60 days in jail for theft.

Hunter Lurvey, 20, Hancock, FTA, bailed.

Cory Sargent, 30, Mariaville, OAS, bailed.

Stephen Warren, 29, Corinth, hold for another agency.

March 27

Alexandra Carpenter, 24, Hancock, OUI, bailed.

Maynard Hardison, 24, Sullivan, sentenced to eight months in jail for assault, operating a motor vehicle as a habitual offender, violating conditions of release.

Joseph Pinkham, 27, Franklin, criminal threatening.

Jacob Storer, 23, Monson, sentenced to 90 days in jail for unlawful possession of a scheduled drug.

March 26

Eleanor Gilbert, 35, Hancock, theft.

Ali Gray, 21, Trenton, FTA.

Justin Landeen, 28, Gouldsboro, burglary, theft, violating conditions of release.

Michael Ralston, 29, Bangor, hold for another agency.

Cory Tasker, 28, Stetson, hold for another agency.

Patricia Tomah, 36, Lamoine, OUI, bailed.

March 25

Ryan Cilley, 38, Ellsworth, back for court.

Lara Jacobson, 30, Ellsworth, criminal trespassing, bailed.

Richard Joseph Jr., 32, Bar Harbor, default in payment of fine.

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