Hancock County divorces

The following divorces were granted in Ellsworth District Court:

Lori Stratton Jones, Mount Desert and Wilton Jones, Mount Desert. Married June 9, 1979, at Hancock.

Danielle Marie Greenleaf, Bar Harbor and Brian S. Greenleaf, Bar Harbor. Married Aug. 13, 2011, at Bar Harbor. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Danielle Greenleaf for two minor children.

Courtney L. Meade, Bucksport and Juan P. Maldonado Cruz, Bucksport. Married Aug. 24, 2014, at Otis. Shared parental rights for one minor child.

Starie Seay, Mariaville and Geoffrey S. Fraser, Bar Harbor. Married May 1, 2003, at Camden. Sole parental rights granted to Starie Seay for one minor child.

Alberto J. Valdez, Trenton and Erika G. Valdez, Fairview, N.J. Married July 20, 2007, at Union City, N.J.

Patricia A. Clement, Stockton Springs and Brian D. Clement, Sorrento. Married June 14, 2003, at Sorrento.

Ethelyn R. Swazey, Blue Hill and Brenda D. Swazey, Blue Hill. Married Oct. 10, 2015, at Blue Hill.

Nicola Katrina Kelly, Ellsworth and William Pierce Kelly, Trenton. Married June 8, 2013, at Ellsworth.

Kimberlea J. Bridges, Franklin and Steven F. Atherton Jr., Franklin. Married Oct. 26, 2013, at Hancock.

Kellie Nicol Pereira, Hancock and Jordan Pereira, Fall River, Mass. Married Aug. 23, 2014, at Taunton, Mass.

Albert Steven Webb, Ellsworth and Maryellen Webb, Mount Desert Island. Married June 20, 1988, at South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Karen Lee McFarland, Bar Harbor and Vernon S. McFarland Jr., Bar Harbor. Married Oct. 25, 1989, at Northeast Harbor.

Meghan E. Joyce, Swan’s Island and Grant M. Joyce, Swan’s Island. Married June 1, 2008, at Swan’s Island. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Meghan Joyce for two minor children.

Kelly Hope Allen, Bucksport and Christopher Lee Allen, Penobscot. Married June 9, 2013, at Stockton Springs.

Barbara H. Young, Bucksport and Gregory T. Young, Mebane, N.C. Married July 19, 2008, at Atlantic Beach, N.C. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Barbara Young for one minor child.

Norma Lynn Lee, Lamoine and David George Lee, Lamoine. Married June 12, 2004, at Franklin. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Norma Lee for one minor child.

Christine M. Smith, Ellsworth and Thomas W. Smith, Ellsworth. Married July 9, 2011, at Winterport.

Chrystal M. Snow, Ellsworth and Benjamin C. Snow, Ellsworth. Married June 7, 2008, at Bangor. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Chrystal M. Snow for two minor children.

Trasi A. Colson, Mount Desert and Charles W. West, Mount Desert. Married Oct. 30, 2016, at Bucksport. Sole parental rights granted to Trasi Colson for three minor children.

Rebecca L. Tetlow, Gouldsboro and Ryan K. Tetlow, Millbury, Mass. Married May 29, 2004, at Hancock. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Rebecca L. Tetlow for one minor child.

William Hague, MountDesert and Jane Milliken Hague, Lebanon, Conn. Married May 31, 1981, at New Canaan, Conn.

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