Gouldsboro Police Week of June 13

GOULDSBORO — Police received a complaint May 31 about a phone scam involving a demand for money.

The officer met with the complainant, who was unsure if any money had actually been given to the scammer.

Police advised the person to call the bank and not allow the transfer of any money.


Police were called May 29 to West Bay Road for an ongoing neighbor dispute involving a pellet gun. The incident was documented at the request of the complainant and no further action was taken.

On June 1, an officer took a report of an ongoing neighbor dispute involving trespassing. Both parties were warned to stay away from each other.

On June 5, an officer was dispatched to report of a domestic incident on South Gouldsboro Road involving a man refusing to allow a woman to leave the residence.

An officer spoke with both parties and determined no crime was committed and separated the pair.

Later the same day, an officer assisted one of the people involved with retrieving belongings.

On June 8, an officer responded to a domestic dispute on West Bay Road over the ownership of property.

Both people involved agreed no assaults had occurred. Police referred them to the civil process. No charges were filed.

Maine State Police assisted.

Traffic control

An officer assisted the Gouldsboro Fire Department with traffic control for several hours for a structure fire on South Gouldsboro Road June 7. Winter Harbor police also assisted.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Main Street for failure to stop at a stop sign and speeding May 29. Erin Mills, 36, of Florida, was charged with failure to register a motor vehicle greater than 150 days.

A vehicle damaged a telephone pole on Grand Marsh Bay Road, causing the live line to come down and partially obstruct the road May 31. Police were unable to locate the vehicle and are investigating.


Police assisted Winter Harbor Police Department with serving a protection order on Hillcrest Drive June 5.

On June 8, an officer assisted Winter Harbor police with an ongoing criminal investigation.

Also on June 8, Winter Harbor police turned over a lost wallet cell phone. Gouldsboro police located the owner and returned the items.

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