Gouldsboro Police Log Week of Jan. 25

GOULDSBORO — Police responded to numerous roadway issues throughout early January, following a spate of freezing temperatures and poor driving conditions.

On Jan. 17, an officer investigated a property damage crash at the intersection of Newman Street and Main Street in Winter Harbor.

Sandra Greenwood, 76, of Winter Harbor was traveling on Main Street when she struck a curb at the intersection.

Her 2017 Jeep Limited sustained disabling damage to steering components, but she was not injured. Officers said weather conditions contributed to the crash.

On Jan. 4, officers responded to a report of a vehicle off the road near 550 Route 1. There were no injuries or damage reported.

Then, the same day, officers responded when an 18-wheeler truck got stuck on Route 1. The hazard was cleared with no issue, according to police.

Two hours later, an officer discovered a vehicle off the road on West Bay Road. The owner was located, and there were no injuries or damage. The car was removed from the scene.

Stolen car

On Jan. 17, police received a report of a 1997 GMC Sonoma being stolen from a Recreation Road resident’s home overnight. An investigation is under way.

Speeding tickets and violations

On Jan. 10, Cassie Floyd, 22, of Gouldsboro was summoned on a speeding charge for traveling 24 to 29 miles per hour over the speed limit. Floyd also was summoned on a charge of having a registration that had expired 30 to 150 days prior. She had been stopped on Main Street.

On Jan. 9, Michael Gerrish, 23, of Winter Harbor was ticketed for speeding 10 to 14 miles per hour over the speed limit on Route 1.

On Jan. 16, Aaron Barnes, 23, of Steuben was cited for speeding 1 to 9 miles per hour over the speed limit on West Bay Road.

On Jan. 16, Dakota Zablotny, 21, of Steuben was cited for failure to produce an inspection certificate on Route 1.

On Jan. 20, Christopher James, 47, of Bar Harbor was ticketed for speeding 10 to 14 miles per hour over the speed limit on Route 1.

On Jan. 17, an officer recognized a motorist who was driving with a suspended license. The driver was seen at the intersection of Pond Road and Route 1, but the officer was unable to catch the car after identifying it. The Maine State Police was contacted. Officers from that agency arrested the individual on Route 1 in Hancock.

Summonses for two men

On Jan. 13, Justin Chipman, 22, of Winter Harbor was summoned and charged with violating conditions of release. During the same incident, Isaac Davies, 19, of Franklin was summoned and charged with consuming alcohol as a minor.

Locked-in child

After accidentally locking a child inside a running car Jan. 17, an individual called police from Kelley Lane. After arriving on the scene, officers were told that the person preferred to wait for a towing company to open the door. A tow truck responded and unlocked the car.

Broken windows policing

On Jan. 5, someone reported a broken window at a summer home to police. An officer checked the building and determined that there were no other suspicious signs at the house. A severe storm had occurred the night before, according to a police report. Officers contacted the homeowner about the situation.

Rowdy athletics

On Jan. 6, a citizen reported to police that a ball game at the Gouldsboro Community Center was “getting heated and people were starting to have physical altercations.” An officer responded, but the recreation center was empty upon arrival.

Suspicious vehicles

On Jan. 18, a resident reported that a neighbor of her seasonal home had seen a suspicious vehicle parked at her house on Paul Bunyan Road. The incident was documented.

A citizen reported a potentially suspicious vehicle in the area of Kingsley Farm Road on Jan. 8. When police investigated, they found the car belonged to a fisherman who was digging nearby.

Financial troubles

A resident of Richmond reported unpaid rent from a tenant to police on Jan. 18. The complaint was referred to the civil eviction process.

An officer took a report of theft of services on Jan. 8 from Bayview Animal Hospital. The subject of the complaint returned to pay his bill in full, and no further actions were taken by police.

On Jan. 18, Mc’s Marketplace in Birch Harbor reported a bounced check in the amount of $73.41. An officer is investigating.

On Jan. 3, Young’s Market reported a bad check in the amount of $82.67. The case was passed to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation.

Loose dog

A black Lab was reported to be loose on Mossy Oak Road on Jan. 13. An officer retrieved the animal and located the owners, who reported that the dog had slipped out of its harness and ran off. No charges were filed.

Damaged mailboxes

Officers received a report of several damaged mailboxes on Chicken Mill Pond Road on Jan. 11. Evidence was gathered and police are continuing to investigate.

Minor accident

A resident called police about a motor vehicle crash near 651 South Gouldsboro Road on Jan. 10. There were no injuries.

Medical call

An officer was sent to an unmarked road off Pond Road to assist with a medical call. The individual was located and determined to be fine. The officer assisted the Gouldsboro Fire Department and County Ambulance in the call.

Car blockage

An officer responded when a resident reported an abandoned vehicle blocking a driveway on Route 1. The registered owner was contacted and arrangements were made to move the car.

Tree blockage

An officer found a tree in the road on Jan. 13, and assisted the Gouldsboro Fire Department with its removal.

Firearms applications

Police received five applications for concealed weapons permits on Jan. 3.

The same day, officers fingerprinted a citizen for his National Firearms Act application.

Just checking

An officer delivered selectman packets on Jan. 10.

On Jan. 12, an officer conducted a probation check. No violation was found.

An officer performed a bail check on Pond Road on Jan. 18. The person was found to be in compliance.

An officer helped the Winter Harbor Police Department on Jan. 18 with a citizen assist.

Officers performed property checks on Jan. 8 at Paul Bunyan Road, Justin Lane and Corea Road. Two days later, an officer checked a property on Gouldsboro Point Road.

911 calls

An officer received a 911 call on Jan. 3 that was later determined to be a misdial.

On Jan. 8, officer received multiple 911 calls and hang-ups from an address in Winter Harbor. The officer was canceled before arrival.

On Jan. 13, county 911 dispatchers received 911 calls with loud static from a home on Youngs Point Road. An officer responded and determined the situation to be a false call.

Jack Dodson
Jack Dodson began working for The Ellsworth American in mid-2017, and covers eastern Hancock and western Washington counties. He grew up in the Mid-coast region before living in New York City for five years, where he freelanced in documentary filmmaking and journalism. He is particularly interested in criminal justice, environment and immigration reporting.

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