Ellsworth Police Log Week of Nov. 29

ELLSWORTH — Early-season snowstorms resulted in messy roads and crashes this week.

An Otis resident was injured when the car she was driving hit a utility pole on the Mariaville Road on Thanksgiving Day, according to a police report.

The pole, which was attached to guy wires, snapped in half and landed in the roadway, where its wires were then hit by another car.

Seventeen-year-old Ashlee Barnes had facial bleeding, according to the report, but her injuries were “non-incapacitating.”

The crash occurred around 8:15 p.m. on a snowy Mariaville Road near the intersection with Sunset Park Road, according to police.

Barnes was reportedly driving “too fast for conditions” when her car spun out of control, left the roadway and hit the pole. The car was towed from the scene.

The two occupants in the other car that hit the downed wires, 20-year-old Arianna Peterson and 42-year-old Jill Ihle, were not injured. Both cars were towed from the scene.

Twenty-eight-year-old Bucksport resident Gena Bass and 40-year-old Bar Harbor resident Cara Romano escaped injury after a car driven by Bass skidded into one owned by Romano on the afternoon of Nov. 21.

Romano’s car was parked on State Street near the intersection with Water Street, according to a police report. It was dark and there was snow on the road, according to the report.

Bass was driving “too fast for conditions,” according to police, and lost control. Both cars sustained damage but neither was towed.

Bumps blamed on brakes

An Ellsworth woman whose car repeatedly bumped into the vehicle in front of her in line at McDonald’s on Nov. 26 told police she felt she had “brake issues,” according to a report.

The car in front was not damaged, police wrote, but the car with the reported brake issues received around $700 in damage to its front bumper.

Officers examined the brakes and wrote that they “appeared fine.”

Pellet holes found to be frost

On Thanksgiving Day, a woman reported that she had “pellet holes in her door that she believed were from a neighbor,” according to police. “Further investigation revealed it was frost from the cold.”

Domestic incidents, medical calls, Thanksgiving bar fight

Thirty-six-year-old Michael Johnson of Ellsworth was arrested on Nov. 26 after reportedly pushing a woman he was arguing with over an “animal issue,” according to a police report.

The two were quarreling when the woman, whose name was not given, tried to unplug his PlayStation 4 and he pushed her, causing her to fall and injure her elbow. The injury did not require treatment, according to police.

A report of a domestic violence incident on Nov. 26 turned out to be a “family fight,” according to police.

“There was nothing physical,” officers wrote in a report, and the father and daughter “agreed to stay in separate rooms for the night.”

Police responded to another reported domestic incident on Nov. 26.

“There was no physical altercation,” officers wrote, “just a verbal argument.” The parties were separated.

Two other reported domestic calls, one on Nov. 21 and another on Nov. 25, also were found to be verbal arguments with no physical altercation, according to police.

Several patrons were warned not to return to Tag’s Sports Bar after a reported fight on Nov. 22, according to police.

Officers also issued a warning for criminal trespass to a man who was reportedly involved in a fight at a local business on Nov. 23.

Officers also responded to a report of a man who was seated near Burger King on Nov. 24 and had fallen and hit his head, according to a police report.

“He was coherent and speaking normally” when officers arrived on scene and was brought to Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital for treatment.

Police helped extricate a small child who had accidentally gotten a zip tie “stuck around the neck area,” on Nov. 20, according to a report of the incident.


Maverick Manuel, 29 of Bangor was arrested on a warrant out of Penobscot County.

Thefts and other losses

A local resident tracked to a location in Brewer an iPhone that reportedly went missing on Nov. 24, according to police.

The phone was reported stolen on Nov. 26. Officers are investigating.

Speeding ticket

George Taylor, 38, of Bucksport, 35 mph in a 25-mph-zone on the Bucksport Road on Nov. 26.

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