No one was injured, nor were any children in the play area, when this car crashed through a fence at the Moore Center and came to rest in the YMCA child care playground.

Ellsworth Police Log Week of Nov. 22

ELLSWORTH — No one was injured when a woman reportedly crashed a vehicle through a metal fence and into a children’s play area at the Moore Community Center on Nov. 14, according to a police report of the incident.

“It was lucky” there were no children playing there at the time, Moshier said.

Carol Glefke, an Ellsworth resident, was parked in a handicapped spot in front of Seaport Village Healthcare and attempting to pull out but was “unable to locate the brake pedal,” according to a report.

Police said the car “went up over the curb, across a sidewalk, through some shrubs and a metal fence.” It then traveled “through another small garden and over an embankment” before coming to rest in the play area, police wrote, and was towed from the scene.

YMCA Chief Executive Officer Peter Farragher said the Y plans to install concrete bollards around the outside of the playground. The area will not be used until the bollards are in place, said Farragher.

Pot brownies

Police are looking into a report received from the Department of Health and Human Services that a 6-year-old girl ate one of her grandmother’s pot brownies.

No charges have been filed, Police Chief Glenn Moshier said. Moshier said he did not know whether the girl had been brought to the hospital or what her condition was.

Officers are investigating.

Woman arrested after motorist stops her, takes keys

An Ellsworth woman was arrested on a charge of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant on Nov. 17 after another motorist “stopped her for erratic operation” and called police, according to a report of the incident.

The other motorist, whose name was not released, reportedly saw 33-year-old Sarah Hardison driving the wrong way on State Street and pulled in front of her car, forcing Hardison to slow to a stop.

The motorist confronted Hardison and took her keys, Moshier said. He added that this was a potentially dangerous way to handle the situation but that the resident may have prevented a crash.

Delivery truck catches fire

A food service delivery truck caught fire on Nov. 13 while making a delivery to State Street Market, according to a police report of the incident.

A crew of five firefighters and emergency personnel responded to State Street just before 4:30 a.m., wrote Ellsworth Fire Department Capt. Robert “Bobby” Dorr in a report.

The tractor trailer “had fire coming from the drive wheels.” Firefighters were able to control the fire within minutes. No details were available on what caused the fire. The truck was towed from the scene.

Snow causes trouble

Emergency crews were kept busy on Nov. 16 responding to numerous rollovers and cars off the road after a slippery early-season snowstorm.

Peter Jipson of Surry escaped injury when the car he was driving slid off the Surry Road and rolled over, coming to rest on the driver’s side facing the opposite direction, according to a police report.

Less than two hours later, Christine Clark of Ellsworth was also uninjured when the car she was driving slid off the snowy Bayside Road and hit a tree, according to a police report.

Later that morning, a car driven by Surry resident Nicholas Tolbert also slid off the Surry Road and hit a tree, according to police. Tolbert was not injured.

Around the same time but farther north on the Mariaville Road, a car driven by Ethan Chick of Ellsworth hit a guardrail “due to the snow” and slid across and struck the guardrail on the opposite side, according to police.

Chick was not injured.

Also on Nov. 16, a local taxi “slid off the Bayside Road and struck a mailbox,” causing around $50 in damage to the vehicle and damage to the mailbox post, according to police.

The following day, a newspaper delivery vehicle backed into a garage bay door, causing minor damage, according to a police report.

Boots come with

sewing needle

A woman reported that she was stuck with a sewing needle on Nov. 15 after reaching into a pair of boots she purchased at a store, according to a police report.

Staff at the store were notified and planned to check all the boots.

Police locate car using iPhone app

On Nov. 17, police located a car whose driver was “having some mental health issues” by using the “find my iPhone app,” according to a report.

A relative of the driver reportedly gave officers access to the app. The information was forwarded to the Maine State Police, as the car was in Hancock at the time.

Thefts and other losses

A social media post with pictures of a car amplifier and a caption thanking Walmart for not attaching a security device caught the attention of police this week.

Officers were alerted to the post on Nov. 13 and contacted Walmart, which is checking to see if an amplifier is missing, Moshier said.

Renys staff reported the theft of a pair of clogs that occurred on Oct 14.

On Nov. 17, a local resident reported the theft of $800 in cash.


Cody Hooper, 22, of Ellsworth was arrested on Nov. 17 on a warrant out of Penobscot County for unpaid fines.


William Smeal, 32, of Ellsworth was charged with unlawful possession of a hypodermic apparatus following a motor vehicle complaint on Nov. 16.

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