Ellsworth Police Log Week of Nov. 12

ELLSWORTH — Among the dozens of calls received by police this week were several complaints or reports that proved to be groundless.

When police responded to a report of a woman slumped over the steering wheel in her car on Nov. 5, they found she was not having any kind of medical emergency but merely frustrated.

Police also received a report alleging a violation of an order for protection on Nov. 5, but an investigation found that no violation had occurred. And a report of an assault on Nov. 5 ended with Officer McKay McLean noting, “No charges were filed.”

On Nov. 8, a car parked at the end of a residential driveway was reported as suspicious. Police determined it was merely a neighbor picking up political signs and labeled the incident “case unfounded.”

When an officer stopped a car whose driver supposedly had a suspended license on Nov. 8, an investigation showed that no violation had occurred. Police also determined a harassment complaint on Nov. 8 was “unfounded.”


Police responded to a report of theft on Mountain View Drive on Nov. 3. During the investigation, they determined another department was already handling the complaint.

A local resident reported a case of identity theft on Nov. 5.

Police received a report of a theft and of an attempted theft at Route One Oil & Lube in separate incidents on Nov. 9. Both cases are being investigated.

Police received a complaint of shoplifting from Marden’s on Nov. 8. The case is under investigation.

Police responded to a report of theft from a local business. Suzanne Mingle, 44, and Francis Tuttle, 51, both of Trenton, were charged with theft by unauthorized taking on Nov. 7

Drug information

An officer reported “drug intelligence information” in an active case on Bangor Road, north of Jordan’s Firewood, on Nov. 9.


An officer took a call on Nov. 8 from a local man who has been receiving harassing phone calls and messages.


Police received a report of vandalism on Birch Avenue on Nov. 6. The case is under investigation.

Disorderly customers

Police received a report of disorderly customers at a local restaurant on Nov. 8. The people involved had “gone separate ways” before the complaint was made.

Mental health

Police responded to a call of a suicidal woman, who was then treated at a local hospital on Nov. 6.

Agency assists

An officer helped the Sheriff’s Office look for a vehicle on Nov. 8 but failed to find it.

Police assisted the Waterville Police Department by serving a summons on an Ellsworth resident on Nov. 8.

Police helped a local police department that was looking for someone who may have been traveling through Ellsworth on Nov. 8.

An officer assisted the Sheriff’s Office in Mariaville and Fletchers Landing in searching for a woman yelling for help on Nov. 7, but no one was found in the area.

Police assisted a local hospital by getting “blue papers” — the application for emergency involuntary admission for psychiatric treatment — signed on Nov. 7.

Well-being checks

Police followed up on a request for a well-being check on Nov. 3 and found the person was “all set.”

Officers also checked on an elderly man and reported “he was fine” on Nov. 3.

Police assisted the Department of Health and Human Services with a well-being check on Nov. 4 to find “everything was all set.”

Garbage patrol

An officer on patrol noticed someone had dumped Kentucky Fried Chicken garbage on the Maine Coast Mall sidewalk in front of Olympia Sports in the early morning hours of Nov. 9. Nearly 24 hours later but still on Nov. 9, a patrolling officer came across a pile of Burger King food in the center turn lane of High Street, in front of Burger King.

Arrests and summonses

Clancy Curtis, 40, of Blue Hill was summoned on a charge of passing a stopped school bus with lights flashing on Oct. 27, after a complaint was received.

Brennon Hubbard, 21, of Bangor was summoned on a charge of attaching false plates on Nov. 3.

Joshua Smith, 30, of Orland was arrested on a charge of violation of bail on Nov. 5.

A 17-year-old youth from Milbridge was summoned on a charge of consumption of alcohol by a minor on Nov. 8.

Traffic violations

Brennon Hubbard, 21, of Bangor, failure to show proof of insurance on Nov. 3.

Russell Cunningham, 38, of Otis, failure to stop at red light on Nov. 5.


A moderate snowfall and a deer standing broadside where Surry Road intersects with Riverside Lane caused Krystal S. Leighton, 38, of Ellsworth to crash into the deer on Nov. 3. She was not injured. Her 2020 white Chevrolet was damaged, though still drivable.

Police responded to an early-morning single-car accident Nov. 3 at the intersection of State Street and General Moore Way. Police said the accident occurred when a deer ran in front of 64-year-old Gayle Whittier’s 2019 black Mitsubishi in snowy conditions. Whittier was not injured, and her car suffered only minor damage to the front right passenger corner.

Another deer-in-the-road accident occurred on Nov. 4, this time on Bucksport Road near Hagen’s Elbow. Police said Julie W. Apinall, 44, of Thorndike was driving with her son in a silver 2012 Toyota sport utility vehicle after dark when the accident occurred. The Toyota was damaged but still able to be driven from the scene. No injuries were reported.

At the intersection of Surry Road and Hillside Drive on Nov. 5, Chad E. Thomas, 39, of Mariaville struck a deer that ran in front of his 2016 red Chevrolet. The vehicle sustained minor damage considered “over the threshold” but was able to be driven from the scene. Daniel R. Savoy, 64, of Sullivan remembered nothing of a two-car accident at the intersection of Lakes Lane and State Street on Nov. 4, he told police. According to Carly D. Murphy, 37, of Bangor, who was driving a 2006 Ford passenger car behind Savoy, he had pulled over almost completely into the entrance of Tradewinds, leading Murphy to believe he would let her pass him to enter. But Savoy made a sudden left turn, as if to make a U-turn, leaving Murphy stuck in the center turn lane with nowhere to go. She struck Savoy’s car. There were no witnesses. Savoy was cited for failing to yield to right-of-way and an improper turn. No injuries were reported, and both vehicles were towed from the scene

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