Ellsworth Police Log Week of May 13

Nonverbal tiff ends in fender bender 

ELLSWORTH — A nonverbal confrontation between two drivers on High Street May 7 ended badly when one of them exited her Ford Explorer but put it in neutral instead of park.

Bethany A. Tripp of Ellsworth told officers she was stopped in front of Pizza Hut and locked eyes with two women in the left-hand lane. After she looked forward, someone in the other vehicle threw something at her. Tripp then left her vehicle to confront the women. But with her vehicle in neutral, it rolled into a Subaru Outback behind her that was being driven by Sheila Ward of Sullivan.

Damage to the Subaru was minimal — paint chipped, slight scratches — while the Explorer showed no visible damage. No charges were filed.

Domestic assault

Police received a report of an assault from a local woman on May 8. After contacting the suspect at the victim’s home address and an investigation, Matthew Gauthier, 48, of Ellsworth was arrested on charges of domestic violence assault and violation of conditions of release.

Drug overdose

Officer Amie Torrey responded to a local convenience store on May 8 for a report of a person overdosing in the bathroom. After Narcan was administered, the man was taken to the emergency room.

Mental health issues

Officers responded to a local hotel that reported a man was running around naked in the parking lot on May 5. The man was found and brought to a local hospital for evaluation.

Police fielded a report from a transient who said he received harassment letters near his campsite from youths on May 4. He requested that the letters be fingerprinted. Officers later learned the man had a history of mental illness.

Officer Josh Steward checked on the well-being of a potentially suicidal resident on May 6. The person was found to be fine.

Youth issues

Torrey responded to a report of a youth “having issues” on the side of the road on May 6. She was taken to a local facility without issues.

Officer Robert Angelo responded to a report of a youth who ran away from home on May 7. He found her on the road and returned her to her parents.

Police report a youth was taken to the emergency room for an evaluation on May 7.

Found unconscious

Officers responded to a report of an unconscious woman at a local business on May 3. Officer Zackary Kline observed her alert and conscious upon her arrival, and she was taken to the hospital by a local ambulance service.

Sgt. Chad Wilmot responded to a local drive-through restaurant where a man had passed out on May 8. Before police arrived, the man woke up and drove off.

Relationship trouble

Officer Robert Angelo spoke with a couple who came to the Police Department on May 7 looking for relationship advice. They reported not getting along well and difficulty communicating. The parties separated for the night.

Family fights

Police responded to a report of a family fight between a mother and daughter at Oriole Way Apartments on May 6. Police separated them for the evening.

Wilmot investigated a report of a domestic incident on May 6 and found that no assault had occurred.

A verbal argument at a local residence on May 6 drew scrutiny from police. Nothing physical had occurred between the involved parties. After Kline spoke with them, they agreed to drop the issue.

Officers responded to a verbal domestic situation on May 9. Officer James Hassard spoke with the parties and determined a couple were having an argument. He then issued them disorderly conduct warnings.

Officer McKay McLean responded to a report of a domestic incident on May 7. Investigation showed the matter was a civil disagreement and not a domestic situation.


Kline warned a local resident for harassment on May 6.

Officer John Stanley issued a cease harassment warning to a local resident on May 7.

Police were processing a cease harassment order on May 7 after a resident reported being harassed by her ex-partner.

Officers received a report of harassment between two local women on May 6.

Agency assists

Wilmot found a local resident with dementia who had driven off after a family member went into a store on May 5. The man was found at a different store and Wilmot kept him there until his family arrived.

Officers responded to Seaport Village for a report of an elderly man who had fallen and could become unruly with first responders on May 4. But there were no issues, and he was taken to the hospital.

Thefts and fraud

Police received a report on May 4 from a customer of a local bank who reported $100 missing from his account. The man later learned he had made the withdrawal himself.

Police are investigating the theft of an employee’s wallet from a local business on May 4.

Officers received a report of fraud on May 10 and are investigating.

Police received a report of a stolen bike on May 8. The bike was found by the time police arrived.

Officers received a complaint from a local business on May 7 that someone was attempting to take out a loan in the business’s name.

Arrests and summonses

Jarvis McMIllian, 42, of Massachusetts was arrested on an active warrant after police checked a local residence on May 5.

A 16-year-old youth from Eastbrook, was charged with possession of marijuana on May 4.

Traffic violations

Karen Albert-Sawyer, 61, of Ellsworth, failure to register vehicle, expired 30 to 150 days on May 9.

Daniel J. Farren, 51, of Orland, speeding 45 mph in a 25-mph zone on May 6.

Joseph M. Gaetano, 61, of Castine, failure to show proof of insurance on May 6.

Jennifer L. Holmes, 45, of Winterport, speeding 59 mph in a 25-mph zone on May 6.

Kyle D. Jantti, 35, of Orland, speeding 47 mph in a 25-mph zone on May 6.

Joseph R. Knight, 38, of Ellsworth, speeding 47 mph in a 25-mph zone on May 6.

Randy Scott, 51, of Birch Harbor, failure to register vehicle, expired 30 to 150 days on May 9.

Gene D. Sweet Jr., 28, of Orland, speeding 49 mph in a 25-mph zone on May 6.

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