Ellsworth Police Log Week of June 25

ELLSWORTH — Police spoke to a woman who admitted to having been smoking marijuana at Branch Lake State Park on June 17. No charges were filed, but she was warned for smoking in public.

Citizen complaints

On June 16, police received a report of students playing on a closed basketball court. The students were gone by the time police arrived.

On June 18, officers checking on a report of kids swimming at the Branch Pond boating area after dark found the kids had left upon the arrival of police.

Underage drinking details

Officers also conducted several underage drinking details this week but found only one violation and warned a resident for reportedly drinking in public on June 18.

Bike tosser warned

A man reportedly “throwing his bike in traffic” on June 18 just past midnight was warned to stay on the sidewalk, according to a police report.

Unlawful sexual contact report

Officers are investigating a report of unlawful sexual contact that came in on June 17.

Mental health issues

Police were called to a local hotel on June 16 for a report of a man who was shouting and talking to himself. The man was found to have mental health issues but was not a threat to himself or others. He was calm when police arrived, according to a report.

Identity theft

On June 16, officers took down a report from a resident whose personal identification information was reportedly used in the ongoing unemployment benefits scam.

Open car door

Police checking on a report of an open car door on June 19 around 5 p.m. were told by the car’s owner that he’d “left it that way so he could get into it faster.”


Randy Spencer, 26, of Otis, was arrested on June 19 on two warrants for alleged failure to appear. He was charged after police were called to a fight outside a local bar that had ended by the time they arrived.

Jay Dresser, 65, of Ellsworth was arrested on June 17 on charges of violating bail and impersonating a public servant.

Jeffrey Mishou, 33, of Bangor was arrested on June 20 on charges of violating conditions of release and operating after suspension.

Thefts and other losses

Joel Marceau, 57, a transient, was summoned on a theft charge on June 20 after a reported shoplifting incident at a local store.

Scott Allard, 56, of Ellsworth was summoned on a theft charge on June 19.

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