Ellsworth Police Log Week of Feb. 4

ELLSWORTH — Officers handled 10 reports over five days of people being on property or in businesses where they were not wanted. In eight of the incidents, the person or people involved left without issue. Police determined one report to be unfounded. In one instance, an arrest followed.

On Jan. 27, police responded to a report from a local woman requesting that her ex-husband leave her property. The ex-husband left once officers arrived.

On Jan. 28, the property manager for Riverview Apartments requested that someone be warned for trespassing. Later that day, officers warned four people for criminal trespassing at a local housing development that was not identified.

On Jan. 29, several businesses requested assistance with trespassing issues. A no trespass warning was issued on behalf of one local business. Officer Amie Torrey responded to Freshies for a request to check on someone inside and reported, “He was checked and moved along.” She did the same for someone at the Maine Coast Mall. At the Goodwill store, Officer Jon Mahon responded to a request to remove someone from the store. The person left without any problems, Mahon said. 

Also on Jan. 29, officers took a call from a local resident who told them that someone came onto the resident’s property asking for help. The person then left and was not able to be located.

A report of trespassing from the Lakes Lane neighborhood on Jan. 28 ended with Rebecca-Jean Grey, 24, a local transient, being charged with criminal trespass, burglary and violation of conditions of release.

An unfounded trespassing complaint came on Jan. 31 from Forest Ridge Campground. Sgt. Chad Wilmot handled the call.

Mental health issues

On Jan. 26, Detective Christopher Smith spoke with a woman who believed people were changing the fuel reading and speedometer reading in her car. He advised her to seek help from a mechanic.

Police received multiple calls about a person acting strange on Jan. 29. They determined nothing illegal had occurred.

Laundry mishap

Police are trying to find the person or persons who took the wrong laundry on Jan. 29. The owner of the missing laundry declined to pursue criminal charges.

Suspicions and trespassing

Officer Adam Bouchard responded to a suspicious complaint on Jan. 26 and determined that the people involved were checking on a property at the owner’s request.

Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle that turned around in a local resident’s driveway on Jan. 26.

Cpl. Shawn Merchant received a call about a suspicious vehicle on Jan. 30. The vehicle was gone by the time an officer arrived.

Agency assist

Police followed an ambulance taking an inmate to the hospital at the request of Hancock County Jail corrections officers on Jan. 31.

Missing youths

Police responded to a report of a missing youth on Jan. 26, who returned safely home.

Officers assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in looking for two missing youths on Jan. 30. They were later found by the Bangor Police Department.

Noise complaints

Police received a 4:30 a.m. complaint about a delivery truck’s backup siren disturbing a local resident’s sleep on Jan. 27. Officers spoke with the business receiving the delivery.

Bouchard responded to a noise complaint at a local apartment complex around 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, but when he arrived everyone had already left.

Unattended death

Wilmot received a report of an unattended death at a Main Street apartment on Jan. 30. The death appeared to be from natural causes.

Mask issue

Police received a report from a local business of a customer not wearing a mask on Jan. 29. The customer was denied service and was asked to leave. The customer complied. 


Police received a report of a stolen vehicle on Jan. 30. The owner found the vehicle and decided not to pursue charges.

Traffic violation

Django E. Pignatello, 22, of Coopers Mills, failure to stop at red light on High Street on Jan. 29.


A deer ran into the side of Tanner Fishburn’s 2009 GMC pickup on Mariaville Road early on Jan. 27. Fishburn was uninjured and his truck was undamaged. The deer died, and Fishburn took it with him. 

Timothy Baker, 53, of Still Pond, Md., was backing his 2015 Chevrolet 3500 pickup into a parking space at Friends and Family when he hit the concrete parking buffer. His truck’s Class 3 hitch also punched a fist-sized hole in the building, according to police, who informed Baker of this after locating his truck in the Hampton Inn parking lot. He told police he hadn’t noticed and provided insurance and license information. The damage is estimated at $800. 

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