Ellsworth Police log week of Aug. 22

Man hospitalized after bar brawl

ELLSWORTH — One man was hospitalized for a “significant cut” on his ankle on Aug. 14 after a brawl outside a local bar, according to a police report of the incident.

The fight began inside the bar, according to police, between two women. It escalated to involve “at least eight or nine” others, and moved outside, where police broke it up.

The man who was hospitalized cut his ankle on broken glass after a drink fell during the melee, according to the report.

Police are looking into possible disorderly conduct charges, said Chief Glenn Moshier, but none have yet been filed.

Wrong Ellsworth

Police were dispatched to a domestic violence incident on Main Street on Aug. 14.

While they were searching for the victim, a dispatcher realized that the caller was in another state and had been trying to reach the police department in Ellsworth, Iowa. The dispatcher advised the caller to dial 911.

Motel room damaged

Officers are looking into an incident at a local motel on Aug. 16 in which a room was damaged and drug paraphernalia was found, according to a police report. The door jamb and mattress box spring were reportedly damaged. No charges have yet been filed.

Neighborhood watch

Officers advised city staff on Aug. 7 after a local resident called to say that someone was taking items from a property that had been foreclosed on and is owned by the city.

Roommate reports assault

Police on Aug. 13 took a report of one roommate allegedly being assaulted by another.

The alleged victim did not want to press charges, according to a report, but wanted to have officers speak with the roommate. The roommate denied the assault. Officers warned both residents for disorderly conduct.

Police check on local residents

At the request of a concerned citizen, police responded to a location behind a local gas station on Aug. 19 for a report of a man in distress.

The man was brought to Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital for “detox,” according to a report.

Officers called a local man after a concerned relative asked that they check on him on Aug. 14 because he was “depressed and having issues at home.”

Police spoke with the man and determined that he was not a danger to himself at the time. They gave him a phone number for a crisis helpline.

Police were dispatched to assist a man who was allegedly threatening to harm himself on Aug. 16. He was transported to the hospital via ambulance, according to a report.

On Aug. 17 around 8:30 a.m., officers were dispatched to a local restaurant for a report of a resident who “appeared to be falling asleep.” Police determined the individual was “fine.”

Police were sent to a residence off the Bucksport Road on Aug. 18 for a report of a domestic violence incident. They found a family arguing over medical treatment for another family member but determined no assault had taken place, according to a report.

Early morning tunes

Officers spoke to a local resident who was reportedly playing guitar around 3 a.m. on Aug. 18.


Emily A. Bushika, 23, of Boston, Mass., was arrested on Aug. 14 on a charge of operating under the influence.

Dwight Geel, 30, of Ellsworth was arrested on Aug. 17 on a charge of violating conditions of release.

Yulian Maksutov, 24, of Ellsworth was arrested on Aug. 17 and charged with operating under the influence, failure to give notice of an accident by quickest means and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

Mickey Manning, 28, of Sullivan was arrested on Aug. 19 on a warrant for failure to appear.


Lisa Reilich, 50, of Steuben was charged with operating after suspension following a traffic stop on Aug. 14. Reilich also was charged with failing to pay a fine associated with an earlier charge.

Kimberly Webster, 32, of Sullivan was charged on Aug. 15 with operating after suspension following a traffic stop.

Laticia Garcia, 34, of Northeast Harbor was summoned on Aug. 17 on a charge of operating without a license.

Thefts and other losses

Christian Noa, 29, of Harrington was arrested on Aug. 19 on a charge of theft after reportedly failing to scan in several items at the self-checkout station at Walmart. Noa reportedly took $84.39 worth of merchandise, including several DVDs, a steak and a scented oil plug-in dispenser.

Officers are looking into the theft of a wallet that reportedly occurred on Aug. 14 at a local thrift store.

A local convenience store called to report that a local youth had altered a redemption receipt on Aug. 14 and by doing so, had stolen $14. The resident was located, the money was returned and no charges were filed.

A local resident’s car keys were taken, allegedly by the resident’s roommate, according to a report to police on Aug. 15.

The resident did not want to press charges.

Officers are looking into the reported theft of a flag from a local church on Aug. 15.

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