Hancock County divorces

The following divorces were granted in Ellsworth District Court:

Robert Gillis, Lake Worth, Fla., and Astor Gillis, Ellsworth. Married Aug. 10, 1988, at Ellsworth.

Linda L. Brooks-Nighman, Bar Harbor and Marc E. Nighman, Southwest Harbor. Married June 6, 2004, at Mount Desert.

Olivia R. Geandreau, Bar Harbor and Marko Desimirovic, Bar Harbor. Married Dec. 7, 2017, at Bar Harbor.

Valerie J. Jones, Stonington and Daniel T Jones, Stonington. Married Dec. 29, 2005, at Deland, Fla.

Lori A. Rosetti, Ellsworth and Stephen S. Labelle, Bar Harbor. Married March 16, 2020, at Farmington.

Elizabeth J. Monahon, Deer Isle and Rufus M.K. Nicoll, Deer Isle. Married Dec. 7, 2019, at Deer Isle.

Arden N. Harris, Ellsworth and Jordan W. Harris, Fairfield, Calif. Married June 28, 2017, at Ellsworth.

Cheryl Hypes, Deer Isle and Danny Hypes, Deer Isle. Married Dec. 10, 1995, at Deer Isle.

David E. Baker, Franklin and Kirsten Baker, Franklin. Married June 20, 2015, at Bucksport.

Holly S. Mason, Blue Hill and Randy H. Mason, Waltham. Married April 25, 1992, at Ellsworth.

Travis A. May, Swan’s Island and Joanna M Staples, Swan’s Island. Married at Swans Island, date not given Shared parental rights, primary residence with both parties for one minor child.

Michael W. Kane Sr., Warren and Alicia M. Kane, Warren. Married Dec. 6, 2008, at Ellsworth. Guardianship order for one minor child.

Matthew C. Duffy, Blue Hill and Heaven Duffy-Johnson, Blue Hill. Married June 27, 2015, at Blue Hill. Shared parental rights, primary residence with both parties for two minor children.

Lynne M. Carter and Charles N. Carter, Bass Harbor. Married July 21, 2007, at Las Vegas, Nev. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Lynne Carter for four minor children.

Rebekah Noble, residence not given and David Noble, Ellsworth. Married July 29, 2013, at Sebec. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Rebekah Noble for one minor child.

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