Hancock County divorces

The following divorces were granted in Ellsworth District Court:

Jason H. Goguen, Brooklin and Rachel L. Goguen, Centerville, Ind. Married at Houlton, no date listed. Shared parental rights with both parties for two minor children.

Thelma M. Sargent, Sullivan and Harry James Noseworthy, Fredericton, Canada. Married July 8, 2019, at Fredericton, Canada.

Christy M. Parsons, Orland and James P. Parsons, Orland. Married Aug. 19, 1995, at Maine, no town listed.

Savannah Hatch, Blue Hill and Adam Hatch, Blue Hill. Married Oct. 8, 2018, at Dedham. Shared parental rights with both parties for one minor child.

Gregory R. Hamor, Hampden and Darlene M. Hamor, Seal Cove. Married July 19, 2014, at Seal Cove. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Darlene Hamor for two minor children.

Tabitha Lynn Bishop, Orland and Alan Keith Bishop, Orland. Married July 31, 2010, at Brooks. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Tabitha Bishop for two minor children.

Steven M. Bishop, Bucksport and Amber R. Bishop, Castine. Married Oct. 19, 2013, at Hermon.

Abbi A. Hanna, Franklin and Seneca S. Hanna, Prospect Harbor. Married Sept. 11, 2005, at Sullivan. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Abbi Hanna for one minor child.

Christie L. Chatto, Brooksville and Christopher L. Chatto, Deer Isle. Married May 17, 2007, at Laughlin, Nev. Shared parental rights for one minor child.

Linda J. Tarlow, Blue Hill and Alvin R. Rosenbaum, Florence, Ala. Married July 3, 2003, at Rockville, Md.

Javaughn R. Thompson, Hampden and Tabatha Sue White, Ellsworth. Married July 4, 2016, at Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Lillian A. Walker, Verona Island and Hazen O. Walker, Prospect. Married June 25, 2011, at Masardis.

Torrey C. McDonald, Otis and Brooke K. McDonald, Ellsworth. Married Aug. 16, 2013, at Ellsworth.

Michael R. Dickson, Bar Harbor and Quineshia V. Butler, Thompson, Ga. Married Aug. 31, 2012, at Fulton, Ga.

Liliya I. Fisher, Malden, Mass., and Richard Fisher, Hancock. Married Dec. 25, 2001, at Malden, Mass.

Steven E. Joy, Sarasota, Fla., and Athanasia K. Joy, Ellsworth. Married July 22, 1978, at Ellsworth. 

Jenna R. Horton, Bar Harbor and Steven R. Boucher, Bar Harbor. Married Sept. 20, 2014, at Northeast Harbor. Shared parental rights for one minor.

Melissa Gail Shollenbarger, Franklin and Jonas Michael Shollenbarger, no town listed. Married Nov. 7, 1998, at Virginia. 

Kevin Lee Davis, Winterport and Jessica Tye Davis, Bucksport. Married June 15, 2013, at Bar Harbor. Shared parental rights for one minor child.

Megan Moore, Surry and Jamie W. Moore, Orland. Married Sept. 1, 2018, at Orland. 

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