Hancock County divorces

The following divorces were granted in Ellsworth District Court:

Matthew Ezra O’Connor, Bar Harbor and Heidi Mae Turner-O’Connor, Bar Harbor. Married Oct. 5, 2001, at Bar Harbor. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Heidi O’Connor for two minor children.

Sandra G Douvarjo, Newport, R.I., and Peter E. Douvarjo, Sedgwick. Married Dec. 14, 1980, at Meredith, N.H.

Louis E. Dublin, Trenton and Lynn M. Dublin, Cherryfield. Married Jan. 5, 1980, at Cherryfield.

Codey F. Pettengill, Hancock and Holly R. Pettengill, Sorrento. Married Sept. 8, 2018, at Orland.

Scott Ashley Shelton, Trenton and Elvira Serrot Shelton, Southwest Harbor. Married Sept. 20, 2014, at Bar Harbor.

Debra Jean Hardwick, Gouldsboro and Clarence R. Hardwick, Gouldsboro. Married Nov. 28, 2015, at Gouldsboro.

Lynne E. Sykes, Bar Harbor and Norman L. Sykes Jr., Bar Harbor. Married Aug. 28, 2015, at Greenville.

Tevin J. Workman, Ellsworth and Haley N. Workman, Hancock. Married July 18, 2015, at Hancock.

Colin Francis Christiansen, Sedgwick and Coleen Michelle Christiansen, Sedgwick. Married July 17, 2000, at Apple Valley, Minn. Shared parental rights, primary residence with both parties for three minor children.

Susan D. Keenan, Blue Hill and Scott M. Keenan, Penobscot. Married Oct. 19, 1996, at Trenton. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Susan Keenan for one minor child.

Meghan Whalen, Ellsworth and Justin Whalen, Ellsworth. Married Feb. 17, 2012, at Ellsworth. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Meghan Whalen for three minor children.

Lisa A. Tracey, Gouldsboro and Jason E. Tracey, Prospect Harbor. Married May 5, 1987, at Gouldsboro.

Anthony J. Bukowski, Ellsworth and Doris M. Bukowski, Steuben. Married Dec. 31, 1997, at Bar Harbor.

Nathalie J. Arruda, Orland and Michael T. Arruda, Orland. Married Sept. 3, 2005, at Roque Bluffs. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Elizabeth Bunker for three minor children.

John R. Karst, Lamoine and Lynne M. Karst. Married at Bar Harbor.

Jeremy J. Browne, Hancock and Hilary M. Browne, Hancock. Married Jun. 22, 2007, at Bangor. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Jeremy Browne for four minor children.

Elizabeth E. Bunker and Adam R. Bunker, Ellsworth. Married Aug. 15, 2015, at Swanville. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Elizabeth Bunker for one minor child.

Patricia Libby, Bucksport and Brian Libby, Bucksport. Married Jan. 11, 2010, at Las Vegas, Nev.

John Wesley Shively, Gouldsboro and Sherryl-Anne Elizabeth Shivley, New Bedord, Mass. Married Dec. 30, 2010, at New Bedford, Mass.

Rebecca Sargent, Otis and Norman L. Sargent, Ellsworth. Married April 6, 2018, at Ellsworth.

Laura Ann Pugh, Penobscot and Steven J. Pugh, Largo, Fla. Married Mar. 13, 2010, at Largo, Fla.

Lawrence C. West, Steuben and Patti A. West, Callands, Va. Married Jan. 1, 2016, at Steuben.

Whitney A. McMannis, Ellsworth and Christine E. McMannis, Ellsworth. Married Jan. 18, 2012, at Ellsworth.

Matthew B. Mitchell, Brooksville and Caitlyn G. Bray, Blue Hill. Married Jun. 25, 2016, at Blue Hill.

Cheri A. Cushman, Fletchers Landing and Orville E. Blank, Fletchers Landing. Married Oct. 8, 2017, at Northeast Harbor.

Nichole A. Graham-Treston, Bar Harbor and Gregory N. Treston, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Married Sept. 9, 2007, at Montego Bay, Jamaica. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Nichole G. Treston for one minor child.

Orlando Davion Watson, Bar Harbor and Denashia Dalhouse, Jamaica. Married March 9, 2018, at St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.

Nichole LM Spooner, Eastbrook and Erwin E. Spooner, Eastbrook. Married Sept. 8, 2012, at Ellsworth. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Erin Spooner for one minor child.

Heather N. Gatcomb, Bucksport and Eric T. Gatcomb, Hancock. Married May 13, 2006, at Hancock. Shared parental rights with both parties for two minor children.

Sunny P.S. Mourredes, Orland and James M. Mourredes, Williamsburg, Va. Married April 23, 2005, at San Diego, Calif. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Sunny Mourredes for one minor child.

Christina L. Maxim, Trenton and Grey M. Maxim, Trenton. Married Jan. 7, 2007, at St. Thomas, USVI. Sole parental rights granted to Christina Maxim.

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