Hancock County divorces

The following divorces were granted in Ellsworth District Court:

Cindy G. Cyr, Bar Harbor and Mark A. Lamotte, Bar Harbor. Married Oct. 6, 2012, at Ellsworth. Shared parental rights for one minor child.

David McKenzie, Bar Harbor and Nicole Cannie, Port St. Lucie, Fla. Married Nov. 25, 2013, at Fort Pierce, Fla.

David Heath Kerr, Hancock and Tracey Lynn Kerr, Hancock. Married April 1, 1994, at Bonifay, Fla. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Tracey Kerr for one minor child.

Patricia E. Bickford, Winter Harbor and Nathan J. Drost, Dedham. Married June 27, 2015, at Gouldsboro.

Jillian R. Rayside, Ellsworth and Ernesto A. Rayside, Sunnyside, N.Y. Married Jan. 14, 2014, at Manhattan, N.Y.

Mark Stephen Foster Jr., Ellsworth and Teresa M. Goin, Hobbs, N.M. Married Oct. 12, 2009, at Gatesville, Texas.

Gary A. Atkinson, Hancock and Janice Clayton, Hancock. Married March 22, 2015, at Poipu, Hawaii.

Kyle A. Fickett, Ellsworth and Shaunel C. Fickett, Spartanburg, S.C. Married July 3, 2012, at Spartanburg, S.C.

Baren Yurchick, Sedgwick and Kimberly Yurchick, Sedgwick. Married July 16, 2011, at Dedham.

Maurice S. Oliver, Ellsworth and Carol N. Oliver, Franklin. Married June 12, 1962, at Ellsworth.

Norman Lewis Sargent, Otis and Michelle Jean Sargent, Otis. Married March 27, 2004, at Hancock. Shared parental rights, primary residence both parties for one minor child.

Meghan L. Moutassie, Bucksport and Yannick B. Moutassie, Bucksport. Married Aug. 8, 2010. Shared parental rights, primary residence with Meghan Moutassie for two minor children.

Elizabeth R. Conary, Trenton and Thomas W. Conary Jr., Trenton. Married July 20, 2015, at Southwest Harbor. Shared parental rights, primary residence both parties for one minor child.

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