Quaneysha Greeley confers with her lawyer in the Machias courtroom Aug. 16. PHOTO BY JACK DODSON

Affidavit links murder suspects to victim through relationships, fingerprints

MACHIAS — The affidavit unsealed after a bail hearing in Washington County Court in the Cherryfield murder case includes key allegations about what happened to victim Sally Shaw, 55, and the investigation that led to the arrest of Carine Reeves and Quaneysha Greeley in New York City in late July.

Among the larger allegations in the newly released account is that forensic tests found that fingerprints in Shaw’s abandoned rental car belonged to Reeves.

The night before Shaw’s body was found off Route 193 in Cherryfield, a man picked up a man and woman whom police believe to be Reeves and Greeley, according to the filing written by Detective Greg Roy of the Major Crimes Unit North.

The document stated the man was given $200 to take the pair to a Rite Aid in Bangor. When they got in the car around 10:30 p.m. on July 18, he called the police.

In the call, according to the affidavit, he asked his passengers for their phone numbers, names and dates of birth.

The male passenger provided the name Christopher Kerns, while the woman allegedly used the name Sally Shaw. The driver’s description of the woman to police did not match Shaw’s characteristics, but did match Greeley.

The man started to provide a 917 area code, which is in New York City, before the woman cut him off to provide a 207 number instead — a number that was one digit different than Shaw’s. According to Roy’s account, she also gave Shaw’s birthday, but instead of 1961 said she was born in 1957.

During the investigation, the affidavit said, Shaw’s sister, Susan, told police that Shaw had been dating a man named “T” since April 2017. Susan Shaw said she hadn’t met him but knew his real name was Chris and that he was 36 and from New York.

Susan Shaw apparently told police that her sister’s daughter once said this boyfriend sold cocaine and that Sally Shaw was his driver.

“Susan said that back in April or May 2017, ‘T’ threatened to kill Sally if she left him and Sally had called Susan asking for a bus ticket,” the affidavit reads.

Shaw’s son spoke to police and told them he’d met his mother’s boyfriend, and that he used the name “Terror.”

The document also alleges that Greeley had registered a new cell phone on July 19, which she used to text a number linked to Reeves.

Police also discovered that Shaw had rented a hotel room at the Ramada Inn in Bangor from July 16 to July 18, and according to court records, obtained footage from the hotel that they believe showed Reeves, Shaw and Greeley all together. Police also gathered footage from a Circle K in Bangor that appears to show Shaw and Greeley together on July 17.

Multiple friends of Shaw’s identified images of Reeves as her boyfriend, according to Roy’s account. One said she had seen Reeves assault Shaw.

On July 23, police used location data from cell towers to locate Reeves and Greeley in Queens, New York, the document says.

Because the document focuses heavily on Reeves’ relationship with Shaw, Greeley’s defense lawyer argued during her bail hearing that she wasn’t involved in the murder but didn’t run away from Reeves because she was trying to stay alive.

The state’s case against Greeley hinges on a key allegation in the affidavit: while in jail in New York, Greeley said during a phone call, “What I am saying is it’s not all him,” apparently incriminating herself in the murder.

Police also referenced a Facebook post where Greeley wrote of Shaw, “That’s the b— that’s not here no more.”

Jack Dodson
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