The following divorces were granted recently by Judges Bernard Staples, Robert Murray and Bruce Jordan. All were based on irreconcilable marital differences.

Jennifer Jones Briggs and Mark W. Briggs of Ellsworth. Married Sept. 20, 2003, at Sorrento.

Cristin Anderson-Gardner and Troy A. Gardner of Ellsworth. Married Aug. 26, 2000, at Ellsworth. Rights and responsibilities for one child shared.

April L. Wenger and Brad S. Wenger of Ellsworth. Married May 21, 1995, at Tremont. Rights and responsibilities for one shared.

Wayne Beal and Bethony Ann Beal of Ellsworth. Married Nov. 3, 1979, at Ellsworth.

Alyssa J. Rider and Joseph Rider of Winter Harbor. Married July 22, 2003, at Dahlonega, Ga. Rights and responsibilities for two children shared.

Debora D. Jordan of Waltham and Daniel P. Jordan of Chelsea. Married July 21, 2001, at Waltham.

Matthew S. Curtis and Chryl D. Curtis of Bar Harbor. Married Nov. 22, 1987, at Atlanta, Ga.

Melissa Rose and Christopher T. Rose of Sullivan. Married Aug. 30, 2008, at Sullivan.

Mary E. Perkins of Blue Hill and Don J. Maurio of Belfast. Married Sept. 22, 2001, at Blue Hill.

Ryan Graves of Northeast Harbor and Christina Stanley of Southwest Harbor. Married Jan. 6, 2007, at Bass Harbor.

George D. Faloon Jr. and Cheryl A. Faloon of Otis. Married June 27, 1997, at Ellsworth.

Reginald Winslow and Peggy S. Winslow of Mariaville. Married Sept. 27, 2008, at Otis.

Clayton J. Lewis of Kaiserslantern, Germany and Kristina M. Lewis of Blue Hill. Married Sept. 4, 2000, at Deer Isle. Rights and responsibilities for two children shared.

Agnieszka Daria King and Clancy E. King of Waltham. Married June 9, 2007, at Hancock.

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